Many people dislike the flavor of Kratom since it is earthy, bitter, and herbal. People prefer to brew it in cocktails because of its powerful and overwhelming flavor. By mixing them with other products, you may achieve delectable mixtures and all the good properties of Kratom. Use blue magic kratom with tranquillity and peace in the following drink combinations. While some individuals choose to hide Kratom’s flavor with additional components, we’ll use Blue Magic Kratom’s distinct flavor. Since Kratom has a distinctive flavor, carefully blending it with different ingredients will create a great drink. Below are five Kratom-drink mixes that provide a well-rounded flavor experience for your taste bud.

What Is Blue Magic Kratom?

Blue Magic Kratom is a well-known and reputable Kratom supplier. It’s a generic term for a variety of proprietary Kratom mixtures. In 2015, Ross and Nate Jaramillo, father and son, teamed up with Kyle Bratlien, a family friend, to start selling Kratom out of their garage in Temecula, California. The brothers had a talent for combining different strains to create unique items their clients adored.

Soon after, the owners discovered that their business was fast expanding, and they knew that they needed to update their facility to meet the growing expectations of its customers. They began by relocating to a 2500 square foot warehouse. In just a count of five years, the company has grown to five distribution centers with 45,000 square feet (roughly) and hundreds of distributors.

Drinks You Can Make With Blue Magic Kratom

  • Tea with Mint and Kratom

If you prefer your regular cup of tea, ingesting Kratom with it is the ideal option for you. While mint tea has many health advantages on its own, when combined with the goodness of Blue Magic Kratom, it can do wonders for your health. It can help with digestion, blood sugar regulation, and cholesterol reduction. Besides, Mint Tea is highly refreshing. Take a cup of water and add one teaspoon of mint leaves or a teabag, now add honey or sugar and then add lemon with 5-8 grams of Kratom powder. If you seek a reliable Kratom source, be sure it is legitimate.

Take the following steps:

* Heat the water to a boil, reduce to low heat and stir in the Kratom powder and mint leaves.

* Cook for at least 20 minutes, then add the lemon and honey and cook for a few more minutes.

* After filtering the tea, pour it into a cup. Grasp a sip of your steaming mint tea.

  •  Orange Juice and Kratom

Orange juice, for a long, has been known as a healthy, nutritious beverage enjoyed by many. The acidic characteristic of orange juice complements raw Kratom excellently, completely masking its bitterness while preserving the earthy flavor. It should be no surprise that pairing Blue Magic Kratom with this healthy juice is a tried and true combination.

Now, with only two components on hand, a cold glass of orange extract and powdered Blue Magic Kratom of your choosing, the cocktail can get prepared in seconds. Rest assured, it’s a unique all-natural energy booster brimming with critical nutrients and vitamins to help you reach your fitness and health goals.

  • Coffee with Kratom

Don’t worry, as Kratom also goes great with coffee if you prefer coffee over tea.

You may drink your coffee with Kratom and enjoy it, as the powdered texture of Kratom gets almost wholly erased when mixed in something hot. Squeezing a lemon into your coffee makes for a delicious liquid Kratom dose.

Make your morning Kratom coffee with hot, but not boiling, water, just like you would for Kratom tea. When brewing coffee, the perfect water temperature is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. If you brew it at this temperature, you won’t denature any of the alkaloids in your Kratom powder and obtain them naturally. 

  • Chocolate And Kratom

Although mixing Kratom with chocolate drinks may seem unusual, users claim it to be one of the most practical ways to ingest this herb.

When combining Kratom with a cup of chocolate milk, you can create a delightful combination. Imagine cool chocolate milk with Kratom infused in it; you’ll love it. It will make chocolate milk taste better and significantly reduce the harshness and earthiness of Kratom. It will take your Kratom experience to the next level.

You can purchase chocolate milk and mix in a teaspoon of Kratom powder. It should be thoroughly mixed. The chocolates in the milk will mask Kratom’s bitterness, allowing you to enjoy the milk’s exquisite flavor. Chocolate milk laced with Kratom provides you with a delightful drink, which is just what we like. It is a simple method that does not require much work or effort.

  • Kratom Milk For Vegans

Vegans can prepare a milkshake with Kratom, which tastes like actual milk. Coconut milk is an excellent substitute for genuine milk because it’s free of all animal components. It, like all other coconut products, provides health benefits. Coconut milk and high-quality Blue Magic Kratom powder are required to produce this delectable beverage. Combine the two ingredients in a blender or with a spoon, and enjoy your delicious Blue magic Kratom milkshake. You can make an alcohol-free Pina Colada by adding pineapple and ice.

How Much Should You Expect To Pay?

 As previously said, Kratom powder ranges in price from $28.99 for ninety grams to $114.99 for a pound. To the uninformed, these costs may appear to be excellent, but if you’re familiar with the metric system, you’ll understand that they’re not.

As many of you know, vendors offer Kratom in grams, ounces, or kilograms (1,000 grams). More than two pounds make up a kilo. It means that you’re paying $114.99 for less than 500 grams, which is a relatively standard price for kilos. That’s not cool. On the one hand, $28.99 for 90 grams or less is reasonably regular, yet $114.99 for a pound is expensive compared to bulk Kratom dealers online.

On the other hand, Blue Magic Kratom is not without its drawbacks. As I have stated, $28.99 is a reasonable price for ninety grams. Klarity Kratom costs $29.99, while Kraken Kratom costs $43.99 for 120 grams.


These beverage recipes are the best way to consume kratom powder and also to conceal the bitter taste. You can enjoy the advantages without having to put up with the flavor. Mixing Kratom with liquids, on the other hand, may delay the beginning of positive benefits. To feel the effects of the suggested Kratom dose, you’ll need to wait 15-20 minutes. To minimize undesired side effects and tolerance, stick to your prescribed dose.