Everyone desires longer lashes, as evidenced by the abundance of lash extensions, lengthening mascaras, and fake lashes on the market. One of my old addictions was frequently acquiring lash extensions in my search for longer, fluffier lashes, however using too many extensions might harm your natural lashes. Enter lash serums, the finest remedy for eyelash thinning or short lashes due to genetics.

Of course, you don’t have to have had eyelash extensions to consistently use a lash serum. In fact, I’ve been choosing lash extensions less and less since I started using a lash serum on a daily basis.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding eyelash growth serums. While some individuals consider them to be a waste of money, others are devoted to them.

So, what’s the final word? Do eyelash serums merit the price?

I’ve experimented with a variety of serums on my own lashes as a lash artist. Additionally, I gathered a lot of client feedback who had been utilizing them.

I’ll list my top 5 justifications for why I believe using a lash growth serum is a worthwhile investment in this article.

#1: Work on longer, fuller lashes

This one should be obvious. For precisely this reason, you buy the product.

Active compounds that support lash lengthening, thickening, and stimulation are used in the formulation of lash serums. Amino acids, biotin, and peptides are a few common substances that you can discover on labels.

What is the time frame for results, then?

The majority of manufacturers advise using the product consistently for 3 to 4 months before reaching a determination.

However, in my experience, utilizing a product for a month can be enough to notice a difference. This is also based on comments from my clientele.

Some individuals have even claimed to notice an improvement in just two weeks!

Obviously, individual results will differ based on genetics, age, and other factors. But as you apply it more frequently, you’ll see a big improvement in the way your lashes look.

#2 Strengthen and Repair Your Natural Lashes

A lash growth serum might assist in repairing and bolstering your natural lashes if they are frail and fragile.

Eyelashes that are sparse or fragile can be caused by a variety of situations, including over-plucking, malnutrition, illnesses, and drugs.

Furthermore, because the lash strip was far too heavy for the natural lashes, they broke.

Preserving the health of the natural lashes has always been my first goal as a lash artist.

This kind of catastrophe gives me nightmares.

Yet I digress…

The elements in an excellent eyelash serum can help to hydrate and revive your lashes or brows so they can come back stronger and healthier.

I’ve also witnessed women apply artificial lashes disastrously and misuse them. The lash line was covered in lash adhesive, which stopped the development of natural lashes.

#3 Save time

Do you use mascara or artificial eyelashes for at least 15 minutes every morning?

You are not by yourself.

Applying artificial eyelashes or piling on layers of mascara is a daily hassle and takes a lot of time if you are using a decent lash serum.

You may easily curl thicker, fuller lashes and go about your business.

This saves a ton of time for working women who want to appear attractive with little effort.

Not to mention that you will eventually spend less money because you won’t need to continually buying mascara or artificial eyelashes.

#4 No artificial improvements

There are numerous approaches to getting longer and fuller lashes. The usage of eyelash extensions is one of the most widely used methods.

Let me just start off by saying that I adore lash extensions. Nothing compares to having flawless lashes every morning. You may create whatever look you want with the help of a talented stylist, from natural and flirtatious to bold and dramatic.

However, some people object to having artificial strands affixed to their natural lashes. They would rather have something wholly organic.

Additionally, improperly applied lash extensions might harm your eyes. For this reason, it’s crucial to see a recognized hairdresser that only employs top-notch supplies.

#5 Easy to Maintain

The ease of a low-maintenance beauty routine cannot be beaten.

Even though some other lash enhancement procedures are stunning, they do require upkeep.

For instance, every two to three weeks, lash extensions need to be renewed. Lash lifts must be performed every six to eight weeks.

All it takes to keep the ideal look after using a lash boosting serum is a brief application each day.

Effectiveness of lash growth serums

The name “lash growth serum” can be a little misleading because Latisse is the only lash-growth product with FDA approval. Consult your dermatologist or physician about getting a prescription if you’re interested in a substance that has been demonstrated to encourage growth and thickness (which Latisse needs).

If you are unable to commit to a prescription-level regimen, it is acceptable to opt for an over-the-counter option instead. The majority of over-the-counter (OTC) lash serums rely on a long list of moisturizing ingredients and/or follicle-stimulating peptides, or a similar growth ingredient to bimatoprost (available in prescription Latisse), such as isopropyl cloprostenate, to make your lashes stronger and better condition—and consequently, make them look darker and fuller.

Dr. Engelman claims that some lash serums work while others might not.The trick is to do your research and choose a product whose ingredient list and formulation will enable it to deliver on its claims. According to Dr. Engleman, the majority of effective lash serums contain a prostaglandin derivative that lengthens the anagen (growth) phase of the lash. “Naturally, as we age, our hair tends to grow drier and thinner, and hair loss becomes more prevalent. Although we frequently worry that this will happen to our heads, the truth is that it can also impact our eyebrows and eyelashes.”

By substituting these nutrients, lash serums can speed up hair growth and maintain the hair’s strength and vitality. Protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 are nutrients that are crucial for healthy hair and hair growth. An effective lash development serum must, according to Dr. Engelman, “target and extend the anagen growth phase of the lashes” (the first phase of growth, in which lashes are actively growing).

What requirements must a lash growth serum fulfill?

Look for chemicals to address the lashes’ strength and beauty as well as the follicles’ health. According to Dr. Engelman, a truly effective solution ought to prolong the anagen (beginning growth) stage of eyelash growth. “The health and growth of lashes can be greatly improved by peptides and amino acids, which are usually present in lash serums. Additionally, it’s a good idea to look for conditioning agents because they keep the skin and hair moisturized and provide the illusion that the lashes are longer.”

What is our suggestion?

The neuLASH lash enhancing serum is used by millions of individuals to thicken their weak lashes in just 30 days. The only lash serum with Active Eyelash Technology, neuLASH coats your lashes in a unique mixture of amino acids and bioengineered peptides to encourage thicker, longer-appearing lashes.

Final Remarks

You can have longer, thicker, and healthier lashes by using lash serums, which promote lash growth.

When compared to the price of other lash treatments like lash extensions and lifts, excellent eyelash serums are still worth the $60 to $100 price range.

In addition, they are simple to use, need little to no upkeep, and can be combined with various lash treatments.

To get longer, thicker, and healthier lashes, they are a practical, low-maintenance, and reasonably priced option.

I wholeheartedly advise trying lash serums if you’re seeking for a solution to enhance the look of your lashes!

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