Did you know that the US floral gifting market is around $16 billion? While other businesses struggled during the pandemic, florists found their businesses thriving. 

People love to give flowers in celebratory and challenging times. Whether it’s roses or chrysanthemums, people around the world feel special when they receive a bouquet. 

However, if you want to go above and beyond, you should stay away from the classic flowers. Instead, why not send a bouquet of unique flowers that will wow the recipient? 

But what are some unique flowers? Read on to find out. 

1. Monkey Face Orchid 

The monkey face orchid (Dracula simia) is one of the most unusual flowers you can gift. If you haven’t seen one before, now’s your time to Google it (you won’t regret it). 

The orchid is a pleasant pink/red color and has three petals. Within the center of the flower are markings that closely resemble the face of a monkey. The recipient is guaranteed to be both wowed and surprised by this gift! 

2. SnapDragon Seed Pod 

If you have a loved one that isn’t so keen on traditional flowers, this seed pod is a perfect alternative.

Moving away from colorful flowers, this seed pod closely resembles a skull! Although it isn’t one of the prettiest flowers, it’d be perfect for a gothic wedding. 

3. Flying Duck Orchid 

The flying duck orchid is considered one of the rare flowers; it’s native to Australia and depends on an Australian fungus to grow. Therefore, you won’t find it in the USA. 

Its unique form resembles an insect or flying duck. It has a clear ‘bill’, ‘body’, and ‘wings’. It’s a striking red/brown color and grows on a green stem.  

4. Single Rainbow Rose 

If you want to stick to traditional flowers with a twist, the single rainbow rose is perfect. These are dyed flowers that resemble rainbow colors. You can shop for these beautiful flowers as an add-on to an existing bouquet to add a unique flair to your gift. 

5. Starflower

The starflower will be a firm favorite for those who prefer alternative flowers. These large furry flowers look exactly like starfish. They grow in red, purple, pink, yellow, and mauve hues. 

However, it’s best to keep these outside as they smell like dead flesh (this is a tactic to attract pollinating flies). So, make sure not to leave them too close to your window and admire them from afar. 

Buy These Unique Flowers Today

Don’t buy dull flowers in 2022; there’s no need. Now you can shop online for unique flowers that are guaranteed to wow everyone that sees them. So, whether it’s gothic skulls or rainbow roses, it’s time to branch out with your floral shopping this year! 

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