The effect of divorce on children varies. Some kids will naturally understand that their parent’s marriage is no longer working; for some, the transition will negatively impact them.

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When considering filing for a divorce, take your time and evaluate the result of that decision on both your partner and children.

Divorce should never be the first option that comes running through your mind but the last alternative when there is nothing else to be done to save your marriage.

On this note, I will share with you 8 disadvantages of divorce that affect both parents and children trying to heal from this traumatic event.

Children perform poorly in their academics.

Divorce is a difficult period for a family going through the process. The attempt of children trying to understand the changes(negative) happening in the family will make them confused and drawn away in their academics.

No interest in social activities

Relating with peers seems difficult for children whose families are undergoing a divorce process. They tend to become jealous of their peers whose parents are still married. They won’t see the need to mingle with them anymore. This will allow for the exhibition of rebellious characters, which will put them into serious trouble.

No more faith in marriage 

A study has it that children who have passed through the experience of divorce are liable to do the same when married. While some will try everything possible for their children not to go through what they went through during their parent’s divorce.

It stings deeply

Someone who has never gone through a divorce will never understand how painful it is. Divorce is sometimes termed a ‘crazy time’ because the emotions are always overwhelming. You say things, do things, and think things you never thought of when you were married.

 It can lead to loneliness and depression.

If you haven’t moved on from the event that took place, you will surely become lonely because everyone has a life now. Oftentimes, couples get the wrong idea that getting divorced means freedom. Some spouses feel helpless and frustrated after divorce.

Striving to fit in

Transiting from the bridge of being married to single-hood can be seen as an easy journey. It becomes difficult when trying to fit into the group again. 

Lots of financial struggle 

Going through the legal annulment of your marriage will cost you much. Marriage makes you mindful of how to spend. For example, you do not go to the mall and buy what you do not need. But being single again can make you spend extravagantly, having the feeling of not being responsible to anyone.

There is a tendency to have health problems.

Source has it that divorced couples aged from forty to sixty years are more prone to terminal illness than others of this age gap, but are never married. These separated couples are vulnerable to heart disease, cancer, recession, weight loss, and other health-related issues over a long period.