There is no arguing the fact that we are in the midst of a mental health crisis in not only this country but in many parts of the world. This is due to many factors, all of which were only amplified during the recently extended lockdowns instituted throughout the world. Already fragile psyches were pushed to their limits, and we have only recently begun to recover from that amplification of existing mental health issues.

Even so, daily life still seems to continue to get more demanding with each passing year. With so much to do, so many hats to wear, and so many activities to manage, it can be hard for people to find a healthy balance. 

Increased stress, anxiety, and other internal and external issues continue to put more and more pressure on people, and the need for those with mental health certification has never been higher. Read on to learn more about what this process entails:

Understanding the Different Levels of Coaching

Life Coach

A life coach helps people set and reach goals and objectives in their lives, but offers no specialty or expertise in tackling specific mental health issues.

Mental Health Coach

A mental health coach does have training and certification in dealing with mental health concerns, in a non-clinical capacity.


A mental health counselor is someone that has clinical training and is certified to assist patients with diagnosed, mental health illnesses.

Inner Parts Dynamics

Inner dynamics training is the quintessential part of your mental health certification. This is where you will learn about the different aspects of your personality, how they affect your overall mental health and well-being, and how to relate to and regulate them in a healthy and positive manner. And it will help you with your clients in the following ways:

Learn to Help Your Clients Calm Down

Once we learn to bring our inner parts under control, it eliminates the biggest psychological stressors we have. Learning to influence that inner critic leads to an enhanced sense of calm.

Help Your Clients Find Their True Self

The sad truth is that many people live their entire lives without ever knowing who they truly are. Inner parts training enhances and clarifies an individual’s sense of self. Once you have learned it, you can share it with those you are coaching.

Teach Your Clients How to End Self-Sabotage

This is one of the biggest obstacles that people face when dealing with mental health concerns; the subconscious behavior that torpedoes their own happiness and success.

Show Your Clients How to Continuously Grow 

When a person becomes aware of the principles and techniques listed above, they then have the tools for ongoing self-improvement.

Taking the Next Step Toward Your Mental Health Certification

If you feel like mental health coaching is an avenue you would like to pursue, the opportunity to fulfill your training online removes any excuses you may have. Not only will you learn invaluable tools and methods for caring for your own mental well-being, but you will also have the chance to turn it into a rewarding and beneficial career.