Lori Beth Myers, who was born on Christmas Day 1980, suddenly transformed into an angel at age 41 on August 12,2022. This sudden change has had a profound effect on her family, close friends and the entire community of Dearborn. Beth was born on Christmas Day 1980. She was a beloved individual who dedicated her life to caring for her family and community, as well as animals.

Who was Lori Beth Myers?

Beth Furbeck was the youngest child of Larry and Dianne Furbeck, who were born in St. Joseph Missouri and raised in Dearborn. She graduated in 1999 from North Platte High School, displaying a spirit that was kind and determined from an early age. Beth’s love of animals began early in life and shaped her career as well as her personal values.

Education and Career Achievements

Beth’s dream of working with pets was realized when she attended the University of Missouri, Columbia. She received her veterinary training there. She achieved her goal in 2006 by earning a degree of veterinary medicine. Beth, a woman with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, founded Myers Veterinary Service where she combined her passion for animals and her professional skills to excel as a veterinary advisor.

Personal Life and Family

Beth’s professional career was just as rewarding as her personal life. Tyler Myers was married to Beth on June 3, 2006. She met him in Columbia. The marriage took place at Dearborn Christian Church. This marked the beginning of a wonderful family life. Together they built their dream house in Camden Point. It was a tranquil country setting that was perfect for their two sons Carson Patrick (born in 2011) and Colin Wayne. Beth was a wonderful wife and mother who created a nurturing and loving environment for her children.

Community Interests and Involvement

Beth was very involved in the community. She was christened at the Dearborn Christian Church and played piano later. Her participation in church activities showed her dedication to her community and faith. Beth’s diverse interests and ability to bring the best out of everyone she knew, made her a popular figure in Dearborn.

Tragic event and cause of death

To show respect to her family, the details of Beth’s tragic accident that led to her death on their property remain confidential. Her vibrant life, and the positive impact she had on those who were touched by it, remains a clear memory.

Beth’s Legacy

Beth Myers has left behind a legacy of love, compassion and dedication. Beth Myers was always there for others, whether it was through her career as a veterinarian or her community involvement. She provided inspiration to those who pursued their passions in spite of hardships or the disapproval of family members or society.

Celebration of Life

The Dearborn Christian Church held a Celebration of Life Visitation on August 19th, from 6-8pm to honor Beth’s impact and legacy in her community. This event was a testimony to the impactful life Beth led.

Lori Beth Myers’ short but impactful life left an indelible impression. Her unyielding passion for her family, her animals, and her community is evident in the lives she touched and in those she cared about. We will all remember her and her legacy, which includes her loved ones, and the animals she looked after. Beth reminds everyone how individual actions can have a profound impact on society. Her memory will be long remembered.