Find out more information about The Brilliant Stars Urshifu Vmax as well as the contents of the pack, and user feedback on the difficulty in finding Urshifu Vmax cards within the pack.

The Pokemon TCG set was released recently across Canada and The United Kingdom, and the United States. The set includes twelve cards contained in a single pack. The title of the pack can be found here: Sword and Shield – Brilliant Stars. A lot of users have reported that they’d purchased multiple packs of Brilliant Stars packs. They discovered that Urshifu was included in the majority packs of Brilliant Stars packs. We’ll explore further about Brilliant Stars Urshifu Vmax.


Pokemon TCG team loved the set since it would provide the player with higher pull rates. But, since Urshifu is an Super Unique Character, the set shouldn’t be within the Brilliant Stars pack high numbers. Some users reported the fact that Urshifu V, as well as Urshifu VMAX were included in a variety of Brilliant Stars packs that they purchased.

Urshifu V as well as Urshifu VMAX Urshifu V and Urshifu VMAX are Super Rare characters featuring quick and single strike versions. In contrast the traditional Entei V character was not included within the Brilliant Stars pack. This means that the likelihood for Entei V getting included with Brilliant Stars Urshifu Vmax is much less.

Users had shared that when engaging in the Brilliant Stars pack, they were able to observe that the Pull rate game. It was, however, nothing new, according to members of the Pokemon TCG team. It’s winning, drawing (or) loose, as it is what happens in most cases.

Trainer Gallery subset of 30 cards that are able to be pulled from the reverse hole:

Super Rares Eleven Character cards:

  • Umbreon V & VMAX
  • Mimikyu V & VMAX
  • Sylveon V, VMAX and many more

Standard Character Cards. 12 numbers, which included:

  • Vaporeon
  • Eevee
  • Jolteon
  • Flareon and many more

Two Brilliant Stars Urshifu Vmax Black and Gold cards included:

  • Rapid Strike and
  • Single Strike

The Complete Art Trainers five additional cards are also included

  • Gloria
  • Acerola’s Premonition and much more

First set includes VSTAR, which includes:

  • Whimsicott VSTAR
  • Charizard VSTAR
  • Shaymin VSTAR and
  • Arceus VSTAR

The set that comes with VMAX and includes:

  • Kingler
  • Aggron and
  • Mimikyu cards from the set that is included in.

Eleven Full Art V include:

  • Charizard V
  • Pikachu V
  • Lumineon V
  • Raichu V
  • Whimsicott V
  • Granbull V
  • Honchkrow V
  • Flygon V
  • Zamazenta V
  • Arceus V and
  • Shaymin V

4 Alternate Arts includes:

  • Lumineon V
  • Charizard V
  • Arceus V and
  • Honchkrow V

Amazing Stars Urshifu Vmax pack includes Six full art trainers:

  • Cheren’s Care
  • Barry
  • Cynthia’s Ambition
  • Marnie’s Pride
  • Kindler
  • Roseanne’s Bacup

The Eight Rainbow Rares comprises:

  • All Trainers, excluding The Marnie’s Pride Club and Barry and
  • This includes VSTARs

Four Gold Secret Rare Pokemon includes:

  • Galarian Zapdos V
  • Galarian Articuno V
  • Arceus VSTAR and
  • Galarian Moltres V


Urshifu The Vmax Single Strike and the Rapid strike are rare cards. The Urshifu is able to play Cacophony. It is a fighting and water kind of pokemon. The player can find Urshifu within the darkness (or) the water tower. Both versions of Urshifu are extremely powerful. Urshifu Vmax, the Urshifu Vmax card pack, the Brilliant Stars Urshifu Vmax The Brilliant Stars Urshifu Vmaxcard pack was launched on February 25. But, booster packs were available starting on 21st February.