Legally, a lawyer can help with the process and make it stress free, because court proceedings can be overwhelming. 

On other hand, the cost of hiring of a lawyer is high. So if you don’t go through a lawyer, what other way is feasible? While you wait for answers, check adoption lawyer.

This article will answer your question and also give reasons why grandparents adopt their grandchildren. 


Adopting your grandchildren without a lawyer is possible and it can only be done first, through an online registration. 

You can petition to adopt your grandchild by visiting the local Department of Social Services or the Judicial Court website. 

The necessary forms and guidelines can be obtained on their website. While filling those forms, do well to be confident in speech and persuasive. 

Unlike filing a petition through a lawyer, when submitting an online petition requires that you write convincingly as a lawyer would sound in front if a judge. 

The online petition forms gives you the  privilege to be in-charge of your petition process. 

Receiving full custody for your grandchild is somewhat difficult but having vaild proofs to back up your reasons is an advantage. 

Note that, it is unprofessional to print the forms and fill it manually, so fill them online, print and take it to the judicial court for further investigation. 

If your request is approved, fine, if other wise, you have another option. 


In case your petition was turned down, you may want to consider guardianship rather than adoption. 

Many forms of guardianship do not require a lawyer. 

How do you get guardianship? A petition must be filed to the court, then a court hearing will follow. The child’s wellbeing will be presented before a judge and if found worthy, your request will be granted. 

Guardianship is not as complex as an adoption. It ca be obtained temporarily, but can be revoked by the biological parents. 


A grandparent may choose to adopt a grandchild for the following reasons. 

  • If the biological parents are not suit and knowledgeable at parenting. 
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual or drug abuse by parents. 
  • If the parents do not want to have control of their child. 
  • If the child’s parents go bankrupt. 
  • If the biological parents are separated or divorced. 
  • If the parents of the child are deceased. 


So many reasons influence the decision of a grandparent towards adopting their grandchild. As important as it sounds, going through a lawyer can help reduce the stress and bottleneck encountered while filing a petition. 

The only consideration is having enough funds for the process, in that, lawyers charge a lot for such service. Also, having an attorney experienced in family law will serve asa guide and remove any issues that may be raised in the longrun. 

As much a grandparent may want to adopt their grandchild, they also have reservations which is based on the cost of adoption, their age and health reasons, also getting the wrong information about adoption. These factors can discourage them to an extent.