David Lee Pratt, a man known for his passion and integrity, died peacefully at the age of 70 on September 17, 2023. The life of David Lee Pratt, which was marked by his professional achievements, hobbies, and dedication to family, is proof that a life well lived can be achieved. This tribute celebrates David’s life and the impact he had on others.

Who was David Lee Pratt

David Pratt was born to Dorrell Lee and graduated from Forbush High School. He then earned a degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University. David’s academic career reflected his intelligence and dedication.

What were the key milestones in Pratt’s career?

Pratt’s distinguished career in the U.S. Air Force was marked by his service. His time in the Air Force was not only an opportunity to develop patriotism, but also discipline. After leaving military life behind, he entered Electrical Engineering by using skills he acquired while serving as well as from his education.

What were Pratt’s hobbies?

David’s passion for model airplanes and his attention to detail revealed both his meticulous nature. It was more than a hobby; it was an expression of David’s creativity and precision. Woodworking was a passion that showed his artistic side. He could create beauty and functionality from raw materials.

What were the family members left behind by Pratt?

David valued his family. Elaine Gamble Pratt, Jill Kester Snowdon and Amy Kester Havens (Jean) are his survivors.
Love, care and unwavering commitment characterized his role as husband and stepfather.

What was the impact of Pratt’s role as a grandparent?

Pratt’s role as grandparent of Pierce, Nathan and Makenzie added a joyous and fulfilling chapter to life. He was extremely happy and proud of his involvement in their lives, and the bond that he shared with each one.

What do Pratt’s great-grandchildren remember him by?

David was also the great-grandfather of Luke Snowdon Casey Rich and Harper Rich. They will carry on his legacy and values; they will learn from him as a great-grandfather.

What legacy does David Lee Pratt leave behind?

David Lee Pratt lived a life that was a mix of his professional accomplishments, fulfilling hobbies and a loving, supportive family. David Lee Pratt’s commitment to work, family and country painted a picture of a life filled with purpose and love. David Lee Pratt left us a legacy of hard work, passion, and familial dedication that remained an inspirational throughout his life. Living each momentous day fully was testimony to this fact. Inspiring all who knew David Lee Pratt to find happiness in their own journey of purpose, passion, and affection, he gave us all a legacy of memory to cherish forever.