Globally, commercial kitchens have an $80 billion value today as an industry. These are the kitchens that power restaurants, hotels, and other types of businesses. 

Having the best design for a commercial kitchen is critical to the results that you get. Knowing what steps to take with the design will help you get an amazing return on investment (ROI) while also preparing delicious food offerings. 

These tips will help you out when you need to design the perfect commercial kitchen. 

Buy a Quality Commercial Fridge

You can’t have a successful commercial kitchen without a quality refrigerator or two. Invest in a top-notch commercial fridge that can store all your perishable items. 

Choose a commercial fridge with plenty of size, shelves, cabinets, and compartments so that you have no problem storing everything. It should also have plenty of freezer space for long-term storage. Here are some of the specifications and details you should check into when buying a commercial refrigerator:

  • Gauge the energy efficiency ratings
  • Study the type of condenser
  • Consider the brand and make sure that the refrigerator comes with a warranty and service plan

Test out some commercial refrigerators in person prior to making a purchase and getting an installation. 

Plan a Beautiful and Functional Layout

Put some time and effort into the layout of your kitchen. It should have ample space for walking room, storage, and cooking prep. Use diagrams and floorplans to create the perfect plans for your kitchen, making sure to calculate square footage and to have purpose for each section of the kitchen. 

A commercial kitchen design professional will help you maximize value from each square foot so that there’s no waste. 

Focus on Kitchen Safety

Think about safety whenever you consider your kitchen design options and kitchen layout. Set up plenty of space for ventilation and plan the right place for your commercial fire extingushers. 

You need your commercial kitchen to regularly pass safety codes and inspections so that it can remain open for business. Make provisions for safety while considering fire code and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. 

Add Plenty of Lighting 

Finally, give your commercial kitchen design the benefit of plenty of lighting. Going with light-emitting diode (LED) lights can help you use 75% less energy and get 25 times more life and usage. This will help you save money on your bills while illuminating your commercial kitchen in a beautiful and functional way. 

Add some windows and skylights to your commercial kitchen so that it’s also filled with natural lighting. Natural lighting enhances the mood and will allow your cooks and other kitchen workers to work for hours happily and diligently. 

Building the Ultimate Commercial Kitchen

The tips in this article are excellent if you’re interested in building the best commercial kitchen available. Start here and contact some kitchen pros that can help you out today. 

Begin with these points and check out our other articles when you’re ready to learn more about food and culinary advice.