Thinking about quitting a job is not a big deal but keeping the resignation letter in front of the boss is quite tough for most of the employees. There are a lot of things which an employee should keep in mind otherwise you may face negative remarks or counter attack from your boss. This leads to an argument between you and your employer and creates a bad impression.  To avoid these unforeseen incidents, one should know the method of writing a resignation letter. If you want you may take help from the assignment help Australia experts who are very proficient in dealing with these situations and they have been doing these things for a long time.

Let’s understand what a resignation letter is actually:

Everybody wants better opportunities and prosperous careers in their life. While a candidate joins a company as a fresher, he avails the offer which he gets first. But with the due courses he prefers better opportunities and by doing so he or she climbs up the ladder of his/her career. Once you have got a better opportunity, then you have to move on from the fears of submitting the resignation letter.

Now the question is why is it needed?

Resignation letter is a type of letter which is mainly used for business purposes. Through it you inform your intention to leave the office or organization and notify the employer of your last day in the office. Besides this, it indicates your professional mentality when you are applying for future career opportunities in different companies. By maintaining a professional tone, the letter will help you to leave your relationship with your employer with grace and decorum.

In lieu of a verbal resignation, you will be able to clarify your points to the employer through your letter. Resigning is no doubt a difficult task especially when you have a strong relationship with your present employer. But, leaving the office without informing the employer is unprofessional and sometimes it is interpreted as your disrespect for your employer. But by presenting a proper resignation letter you will be able to maintain a good relationship in future.

Here are some tips for you which will guide you to write a perfect resignation letter.

Here is a flawless example of Resignation Letter for you:


Focal Points: New opportunity, contact details and Gratitude

Dear Sir/Madam or Ms. /Mr. Last Title

I would like to inform you through this letter that I am resigning from the position as an Accountant for Company X which will be effective from March 6.

I appreciate the opportunity for giving me the post of Accountant in this company for the past three years. I have enjoyed the time at Company X and I have learnt a lot of things which helped me to develop myself in this profession. I am grateful to have begun my career in such a company and especially with the team members.

Recently I have got a new opportunity to work in a company in the USA as a senior Accountant. My experience at Company X has helped me from every aspect. I hope to develop myself in this position with better improvement.

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need any kind of help during the transition period.



Now you have a sample letter to follow and you can check it while writing your resignation letter.

Here are some Primary Elements of Resignation Letter Format:

Now you have gathered some knowledge regarding how to write a resignation letter, take a look at it and draft a letter for yourself and highlight all the important points with precision.

Here are some key points for you to consider sharply:

·       Your notice should be appropriate

·       Don’t forget to say ‘Thank You’

·       Must offer to help if needed

·       You may ask questions

·       Your letter will not be complaining in tone

·       Your letter should be brief, crisp and simple.

·       Always try to maintain the standard business formal letter format

·       Keep a sharp look on the writing and revise it properly before pressing the send button.

Make sure that you have mentioned the points listed above in your resignation letter to clarify your points.

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