After the open-world title, an Elden Ring fan who bought a related hoodie was understandably disappointed by the finished product. Because of the recent popularity of Elden Ring, some game-related peripheral products will appear on the shelves of some stores. However, not all merchandise meets FromSoftware’s quality standards.

Armor is one of the main collectibles in the Tarnished inventory. As veterans of Elden Ring,  many people often use Elden Ring Runes to get a lot of clothing, including helmets, boots, gloves and breastplates, in a fashion level that can rival even the most fashionable celebrities. As time goes by, more and more FromSoftware community users think that the game will not end because of New Game +7 and challenges, and too much focus on fashion will slowly make the game really end. And a game like Dark Souls 3 use clever builds and unique outfits to keep themselves popular.

So, the commodity in the FromSoftware field gradually becomes idealized. For players, Elden Ring has established itself as a masterpiece, but the hoodie that player Redditor Valker902 bought was a disappointment. From the picture we can see that Elden Ring’s famous cover art covers most of the hoodie. Logically speaking, the two words Elden Ring should be under the hood but. However, since the first and last letters are spaced out, all that’s left on the hoodie is “LDEN RIN”.

The missing E’s and G’s are on the underside of the sleeves, rather than in other places that would keep people from being sarcastic. While some expressed sympathy, many posted witty, mocking sentences such as “upon my name as Godfrey, the first lden lord”. Fortunately, although Elden did not have E, but the pronunciation is still very similar to Elden. It’s different with Ring, because Godfrey becomes less intimidating and less convincing in the game if two letters are omitted from every sentence.

Currently, as a huge IP, Elden Ring is no longer limited to Bandai Namco stores and artless hoodie designs. Because many people around the world develop original projects, and one of the most popular creations is item replicas and figurines. 

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Towards the end of 2022, and an artist has built a diorama of the Radahn Festival, which is beautiful and dreamlike, and includes the very famous scene where Patches flee from combat when summoned.

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