We are often not in the habit of taking up things that are good for our bones. To be honest, a lot many of us don’t realize that the bones are made up of living tissue, and not just mass put together. 

Barring the spiel about drinking milk for happier bones, there is a general lack of enthusiasm when it comes to catering to the wellbeing of our bones. 

It is when we run into issues that have us running to the Orthopedic doctor in Karachi that we realize the error of our ways. 

Rather than realizing too late how our everyday habits have been harming the health of our bones, it is pertinent that we take steps now to ensure that our bones, and hence, our bodies stay healthy. 

Everyday habits that are harming our bones 

Being sedentary 

Our bones love exercise, especially resistance or strength training ones. These help in building bone and muscle mass, thereby ensuring that your musculoskeletal system remains happy. 

However, if you are constantly just sitting, not getting in the sufficient workout, you are enabling your bones becoming weak. 

So, try to include moderate exercise in your life, no matter what age bracket you belong to. You don’t have become a fitness geek for to get the benefit; even light exercise like yoga and walking can help in making your bones stronger. 

Not getting enough Sunlight 

Sunlight has a crucial role to play in our wellbeing. It not only supports life, but it also has benefits especially for the human mind and body. 

Sunlight serves as an excellent source of vitamin D, a nutrient that enables calcium absorption. Lack of vitamin D can cause your bones to become weak. And it also can have a grave impact on your mood and mental health. 

So, do try to soak in the Sun. For to protect your skin, wear a sunscreen. 

Overconsumption of protein 

If you take too much protein, it can also promote the loss of calcium from your bones. So, make sure you don’t exceed from the daily recommended protein intake. 

Poor dietary choices 

Your diet also dictates the fate of your bones. A diet that lacks nutrition means that your bones don’t get their due share of the nutrients that help in keeping them healthy. This can then make them weak and increase the risk of diseases as well. 

Hence, make sure that you take a diet that is healthy, and contains plenty of calcium and minerals that are essential for your bones. 

Sodium consumption 

Salt in moderate amounts is good for health, but overdoing it can cause harm to your bones, alongside the kidneys. High sodium consumption is linked to poor development of the bones. It can also increase the risk for osteoporosis. 

So, try to moderate your sodium intake. It will also involve you being careful about what ingredients you choose to buy, as many packaged and tin foods contain high amounts of sodium in them. 


There are many, many dangers of smoking for your body, including the harm to your bones. Smoking has been associated with increased risk of osteoporosis and fractures. 

Therefore, it is imperative that you give up smoking. Or else, you will have to give up on a healthy body.

The consequences of not taking care of our bone health 

There are various issues that can set in due to lack of attention to our bones. People who are young think they are invincible, but that is not the case. Bone starts to lose mass once you bid adieu to your 20s. 
So, even if you are not observing problems now, they might come to haunt you later. Overtime, if not taken care of, bones can lose mass and become weak. This makes them susceptible to injuries, fractures, osteoporosis etc., that then merit treatment from Orthopedic doctor in Islamabad. Hence, take steps now for healthier bones.