Pregnant women experience bodily changes and stay hungry and crave at odd times. It is essential for pregnant women to consume foods that are good sources of proteins, fiber, and fluids, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Women concerned about their diet and overall health can consult a nutritionist. The specialist will provide meal plans to maintain the BMI. Prioritizing the physical and mental health of the mother correlates with the child’s development.

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The foods that are essential for pregnant women include:

  • Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese: Pregnant women have to consume for two. Dairy products help meet the nutritional needs of the mother and the child. Milk, cheese, and yogurt are rich sources of protein and calcium, essential for development. The probiotics in Greek yogurt are beneficial for the digestive tract. In pregnancy, women should include dairy products in their breakfast. Milkshakes and smoothies are healthy, easy to make, and taste good.
  • Consume Legumes: Legumes should be in the daily diet of pregnant women. Pregnant women should include lentils, soybeans, or chickpeas in lunch or dinner. They are a good source of proteins, minerals, vitamins, iron, and folate. Folate is prescribed in the form of supplements, but lentils and chickpeas contain folate, which is vital for the baby’s development in the first trimester.
  • Sweet Potatoes: Carotene and fiber are essential for the development of the child and the physical health of the mother. Sweet potatoes are healthy and can fulfill the craving; hence, women should consume them as snacks in the afternoon.
  • Whole Egg: Choline is an essential nutrient required for pregnant women. Eggs contain choline. Consuming one egg per day can help complete the daily requirement. The use of choline in everyday routine helps prevent any brain abnormalities in the child. Additionally, eggs consist of minerals, calcium, proteins, and iron that provide the body with energy and help maintain physical health.
  • Green Vegetables: Dark green vegetables, including broccoli and spinach, contain all the essential nutrients. However, consuming them raw can be difficult, so it is best to make a smoothie. Prepare the smoothie by adding all the available green vegetables to help the body to fulfill the nutritional needs.
  • Beef and Chicken: Proteins are a necessity for pregnant women. Lean proteins include beef and chicken. Grilled chicken and beef taste good, and the mother feels full for a longer time. Additionally, the mother has to focus on the hemoglobin levels. Iron deficiency can cause complications; hence, it is essential to consume proteins in good quantity.
  • Berry Smoothie: Berries contain vitamin C and are sweet. When women crave sweets, they can either opt for berries or the berries smoothie. Natural sweet does not cause a spike in blood sugar levels.
  • Oats and Barley: Healthy breakfast is the first step to staying energetic for the rest of the day. Oats and Barkey are full of fiber and vitamins. Pregnant women should use oats and barley bread with boiled eggs to meet the everyday nutritional needs of the body.
  • Water: The mother has to keep herself hydrated. Dehydration can result in severe headaches, anxiety, and memory relates issues. Moreover, adequate intake of water helps minimize the chances of Urinary tract infection and constipation. Pregnant women should consume at least 2.3 liters of water every day.
  • Cod Liver Oil: Fish oil is a good source of omega-3 acids; beneficial for eye and brain development. One tablespoon of fish oil provides with vitamin A, and D. Pregnant women should make it a habit to consume one tablespoon in the morning for the mental and physical development of the baby.

Pregnant women should consult a dietitian in Metropolis Health Hospital to help learn about their nutritional needs and how they can improve their physical health by consuming healthy foods.