Everyone knows the feeling of scrolling through Netflix or Hulu and not really having a good idea of what to watch. The same feeling arises after finishing a great book or finally ending a great tv series. And forget about choosing a restaurant to eat at or planning a movie night, it’s just not happening. That’s where Friendspire comes in. Friendspire is a platform for recommendations from friends that hosts user reviews and lists of the best movies, music, bars, restaurants, books, and tv shows.

The idea is that while it is possible to find recommendations for things online, often these recommendations are not what people are looking for. Additionally, up to 40% of online reviews are fake, created by bots. Friendspire solves this problem by inserting the element of camaraderie. It is social media for friend recommendations.

Friendspire uses similar technologies that other platforms utilize to ensure that you receive pertinent information. It enables users to connect with friend s and other like-minded “friendspirers” to ensure a quality and relevant recommendation. This is one of the strong points of Friendspire. It removes the intermediate rater of the film critic or the restaurant reviewer and allows you to write and share your own reviews. After all, there are many films that critics write scathing reviews about, but that perform excellently at the box office. Why trust the opinions of a stranger when the opinions of those close to you are easily accessible?

There are two main pages on the Friendspire app where users spend most of their time, the first of which is the explore page. This is one of the most useful areas on the app, where users can discover new books, podcasts, and restaurants based on other things they rated and people they follow. The explore section is divided into six sub-sections: people, movies, books, TV shows, podcasts, and food & drinks. The people sub-section is one of the most expansive pages. It provides recommendations of people to follow from the Michelin guide to Oprah’s Book Club, to Friendspire top raters and featured users such as Bill Gates and the Emmy Awards. All of this is aimed at the ability to customize the experience and, ultimately, to find something the user will truly enjoy. The other sub-sections provide information on what is trending currently and recommends users to follow that have written a substantial number of reviews in each category.

The second page where users will spend a lot of time is the news feed, which functions pretty much exactly like any other social media news feed. It provides updates from friend s as well as other users and pages followed. This often consists of reviews that people have written, which might include insightful information about a movie or tv show that could help users plan their next movie night. It is also an easy way to connect with friends who have similar opinions about what bars to visit or what to listen to.

Signing up for Friendspire takes less than two minutes with a decent internet connection. After downloading the app, which only takes a few seconds, users link an E-mail, Google, Facebook, or Instagram account and write their first review. After this Friendspire uses the provided data to find friends who already have accounts on the platform. It is incredibly easy to send recommendations to people and search for those who may have been overlooked by the app’s software to soon have a lively network of companions contributing to a catered review system.

This app is great for people who want everything in one place as well. Minimalist phone users, or simply people who are tired of having six different apps for one main purpose, are one group of people who would benefit from using Friendspire. The app is also excellent for people who simply want to enjoy a book or movie that their friends have also been enjoying.

One of the coolest features provided in the app is the badge system. Users can earn badges based on the number of reviews they write, such as the Master Chef badge or the Bookworm badge, and keep track of them compared to others they know. Friendspire also keeps track of overall user rankings and maintains a global leaderboard. It is just one way more way to stay connected with others who enjoy connecting over good podcasts and restaurants.

At the end of the day, Friendspire offers a fresh look at the field of recommendations. It is perfect for people who cannot make up their mind about what to watch, read, or eat, and want to get the opinions of people they know rather than strangers on the internet. The app is a fun and efficient way to cut down on the stress of finding good recommendations and, in time, will become a must-have for every smartphone user.