The Firm for Maximum Opportunity (FTMO) is a prop trading firm. The site draws seasoned traders, and after those traders pass FTMO’s two-stage testing system, they are given access to trade with a $400,000 balance. FTMO keeps tabs on all trades, and if a trader earns a profit, they receive an 80-90% revenue share.

FTMO markets itself as a service that helps investors manage their money by using the systems of a subsidiary organization. The company claims on its website that it is not a broker in the conventional sense. Its purpose is to locate successful Forex traders and channel investor funds their way so that those funds may be used in place of the traders’ own during supervised trades in a regulated market.

Give the FTMO Challenge a try at no cost if you’re on the fence about entering. You’ll find identical market circumstances in the Free Trial account as in the more extended FTMO Challenge. The benefits and drawbacks of using FTMO are discussed in the following FTMO review.

Pros of FTMO 

  • Regarding prop firms, FTMO has established itself as a market leader because of its stellar reputation and depth of knowledge.
  • With one of the best profit split systems, the trader may keep at least 80% of the gains and as much as 90%.
  • As a result of the 1:100 leverage and the scaling strategy, you will be able to oversee a total investment pool of $2,000,000.
  • There are no monthly fees, only an initial deposit that is fully refunded if you pass the evaluation.
  • You are allowed to employ any trading technique you choose, and there are no minimum or maximum trade sizes.
  • Rules that are easy to understand and follow because they are clear and straightforward.In addition to providing resources for analyzing the success of your trades and enhancing your risk management, FTMO also offers resources for bolstering your trading mentality and self-discipline.
  • After 14 days after the initial transaction, you may withdraw your gains through bank transfer, Skrill, or even cryptocurrency.

Cons of FTMO 

  • It takes longer to make decisions because of the 2-stage review procedure.
  • Unlike other prop trading organizations, the account you trade on with this one is a demo account with a virtual balance given to you once you pass the assessment step.
  • The firm claims that transactions are reproduced on your real account at their discretion and, in certain situations, with adjustments. While this does not affect your earnings, it raises issues about the potential conflict of interest between FTMO and the trader.

Best funded trader accounts

3 best funded trader accounts listed below:

  • Fidelcrest

An investor account is what Fidelcrest excels in providing. Fidelcrest is the most incredible option for you if you are seeking an active trader like yourself because it links 6,000 active traders all over the world.

Depending on how well you meet your profit goals, you’ll earn 40% of the profits during the assessment phase and between 70% and 80% after that.

  • The5ers

When compared to conventional wisdom, The5ers’ method is radically new. The5ers puts real money into each trading account so that paying customers may make trades. All the critical pairs in forex trading are available, including the EUR/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/CAD, GBP/JPY, and others. Every trader in the Level 1 Program has a profit goal between 10% and 25%.

The Level 1 Program will end when the profit goal is reached by compliant trading. As a Portfolio Manager Partner, you will have access to a new trading account at the next funding tier and share in the earnings according to the profit split.

  • City Traders Imperium 

Established in 2018 by Daniel Bautista Martin and Martin Najat, City Traders Imperium calls London, United Kingdom home base. The profit split in this scheme is between 50% and 70%. Those who wish to trade on City Trader Imperium can apply techniques of all sorts and are allowed just a year to complete the evaluation step. Those who make it beyond the testing process are then invited to join the Portfolio Manager Level.

The City Traders Imperium scaling plan is challenging to understand and implement. City Traders Imperium only accepts British Pounds as payment for their services. Users of City Trader Imperium can open accounts with balances between $2,500 and USD 17,000.

This app is designed for those like you who are seeking a well-funded trade firm that provides enormous trading chances.