Local restaurants are going through various challenges both in terms of competition and sales. When the marketplace business model was introduced, restaurants gained visibility, but on the downside, they had to divide up their profits in the name of commission rates.

While restaurants were going through this challenge, the pandemic has even intensified the challenges. As of now, restaurants are not open for dining, which has decreased the sales rate. Though online ordering facilities are available, not every restaurant gets exposed in the eye of the users. Even the Statista website has mentioned that the reliance on the marketplace apps is more when compared to individual restaurants.

Every problem has a solution in itself, right? In that regard, let us see how you can surface up your restaurant with a white-label food delivery app like UberEats.

What is the ideation behind the white-label app development?

Before heading to the necessity or benefits of opting for white-label app development, get to know the definition of white-label apps. A white-labelled app is developed by a company, and it will be handed over to the client after removing the company’s brand name. Simply, a single clone script that can be sold to multiple clients after removing the company’s brand name so that the clients can add their brand names to the app.

Benefits tangled with the white-label food ordering app development


One of the critical factors in deciding the budget of app development is the time frame. If you start developing the app from the very initial stage or the prototype stage, the time frame will be high to complete the project. As the time frame extends, the cost will also extend.

Conversely, white-label apps are ready-made and have no prolonged process of development. Therefore, the cost will automatically be economical.

Minimum time to launch

Having clearly stated that the white-label apps are ready-made, you will need a very minimal time to launch. Whereas, if you start from scratch, the overall time frame from development to launch will take more time.

Easy to customize

Your app developer will provide the complete source code along with the white-labelled app. Whenever you require any modifications to your app, you can make use of the source code and make the necessary changes.

How to acquire users for your food business?

Every food ordering platform introduces different techniques to acquire users, which is becoming increasingly challenging with each day. Acquiring users can be accomplished by introducing membership plans or offers, or new menus.

Apart from these, you can also develop a catchy app in every aspect and drive the attention of users towards your food ordering app.


Try to stand out from the normal food ordering apps by introducing the gamification feature. You might have heard of the multi-services app in which there will be more than a single service. In the same regard, you can pair your food ordering feature with a gaming feature.

Either you can link the food ordering with gamification or just let users play games through your app just for entertainment. If you ask how to link the gamification feature with food ordering, here is all you need to know.

Usually, food ordering apps will provide promo codes for users, right? Instead of the usual promo codes, you can let users claim their promo codes in the form of points scored from the in-app gaming feature. Once the user plays the game and earns a certain amount of points, they can redeem those points while ordering food from your app.

This is quite an interesting feature, which will attract users.

Planned delivery

Let users plan the delivery of their orders. This concept is infused in food ordering apps in the form of the scheduling feature. A user can place an order and pay for it. But they can allot a specific time at which they want the order to be handed over to them. So, the planned delivery feature will add an extra level of convenience for users.

Customized packages

You can reach closer to your users if you indulge in personalizing their preferences. In that way, star hotels have started sending out personalized packages to their users. A personalized package will contain the name of the user along with a sweet message. This will leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of the users.

If it is affordable for you, you can attach some goodies along with the package. Who wouldn’t love a customized package tangled with a goodie?

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Meal kit delivery

Standing out from the crowd is inevitable. If you just focus on delivering cooked food items, then you will be just another food ordering app from people’s perspectives. So, you can form a small inventory to stock up raw ingredients for preparing different recipes. Else, you can collaborate with local grocery stores and purchase raw ingredients from them.

For your information, the meal kit delivery marketplace is gradually becoming popular. You can box this opportunity by considering the meal kit delivery.

These tactics will definitely help you in acquiring users for your food business. Scroll further to know about reasons to develop an app like UberEats.

UberEats clone – An economical and ready-made food ordering app

Before we were discussing the additional ingredients that will increase the flavour of your business. In the same regard, investing in the UberEats clone is an extra benefit for you as you can save money. The reason behind why clone apps are economical is that they are pre-built. When you approach a clone app developer, you can purchase the app at the moment itself. This is what we were discussing in the definition of a white-label app.

Final thoughts

Before closing this write-up, let us swiftly discuss the key features of the food ordering app like UberEats. Push alerts, location tracker, live map, route optimizer, reorder, in-app wallet, and analytics dashboard. Most importantly, to tackle the current pandemic circumstances, food ordering apps are integrated with many safety features. So, see-through those features and add them to your app.