A hand held shower head is one of the most excellent things to have in your bathrooms. This shower head enables you to install them without the help of a plumber. They are used for their features and advantages. 

What is a hand held shower head?

A hand held shower head is a that shower head that allows you to wash any part of your body by utilizing its ability to get detached easily. You can hold these shower heads in your hand to easily clean anything you want to. 

How to install a hand held shower head?

There are a few things that are important to know if you want to learn about the installation of these useful shower heads in your bathroom space. Installing a shower head would require you to repeat the following steps. 


This is the first thing you will do to install these amazing shower heads in your bathrooms. Let’s get to know about this stage. 

  • All you need to do is to gather the important and required items for this installation process. 
  • You need to prepare all the things to run a smooth process. 
  • You need to make sure that your shower is off. 
  • Collect the right tools and items for this installation
  • You will probably need an adjustable wrench, adjustable pliers, and thread seal tape. 
  • Remove the previously installed shower head.

This step will help you proceed with the installation process. So, what would you do next to run the process smoothly and easily? 

Use the adjustable wrench to rotate the shower head by holding the arm of your shower head tightly in your hand

Remove the residues as well after getting the shower head detached from the fixed point

Add brackets: 

This is a must-have step to ensure that you are correctly adding the brackets to your bathroom shower arm. You will have to do the following things.

  • First, wrap the tape around the base of your showering area to eliminate the water leakage issues.
  • Now you will have to hold on to your shower arm. 
  • Now add the shower head by tightening it with a tool or gadget.

Add the hose of a suitable size:

This is the last thing you will do to complete the process. You will do the following things. 

  • You will add the hose into the washers by rotating them clockwise. 
  • Now add it with the bracket of your showering head from one end. 
  • You will also add the hose to the washers on the other sides of your shower arm. 
  • This is how you have easily installed your handheld shower head into the bracket to upgrade your bathrooms by replacing the old shower head. This guide will help you install your favorite shower head within no time. 

Final thoughts: 

To encapsulate, the hand held shower head is very useful for getting the perfect movement and water and energy efficiency from your bathroom space. This shower head is becoming popular for its major advantage that is not possible to get from other shower heads available in the market. Grab them to get their actual services in your everyday routine.