Being healthy and keeping fit is an arduous task to take on in today’s world of instant deliveries, junk food, and a plethora of restaurant options. However, with the rise of health issues, viruses, and unhealthy lifestyles, it is more important now than ever before to remain fit. 

Do you worry about your loved ones and their health? Gifting them a healthy hamper for a special occasion is a good way to inspire them to work on themselves. Make sure to avoid birthdays for such gifts as your gift could come off as an offensive and negative gesture. However, on festivals like Sankranti, Diwali, Holi and more and on anniversaries, housewarming ceremonies etc, gifting healthy hampers can make you a much-appreciated gift giver, but also a thoughtful and unique person.

Dry Fruits Hamper

While dry fruits are a common gift during festivals such as Diwali, buying or making a hamper which sources the best, organic dry fruits and packing them in biodegradable packaging can be a great way to push your loved ones to consume more dry fruits and add more nutrition in their bodies. 

Think only dry fruits are boring? Switch it up by adding digestive biscuits made from oats, raisins and nuts to add to the health factor while still gifting your friends and family some delicious treats!

Pro tip: Find organic sellers or local shop owners for these dry fruits and you will help support local businesses through this gift too!

High Fibre Hamper

Fibres are instrumental in aiding digestion and promoting the overall well-being of our bodies. You can prepare a delightful high-fibre hamper by adding fibre-rich products and foods in a basket. Make sure to include ragi powder, as it contains high amounts of ragi and no gluten. Add berries, popcorn, oatmeal, whole grains, lentils and more to this for a wholesome high-fibre hamper gift.

Vegan Hamper

Looking for a gift hampers in Australia for your vegan friends? Choose mock meat, vegan baked goods, and vegan frozen snacks to create a holistic hamper. You can even add fruit juices, candies and chips to make things more interesting. Since chickpea is widely used in vegan cooking, be sure to add in some ready-to-eat chickpea products too!  

Sweet Hamper

Looking for a chocolate gift but want to keep it healthy? Look for a range of protein bars or energy bars with chocolates, nuts and raisins. They make for the best snack between meals while keeping your hunger at bay and satisfying those cravings. You can add healthy baked goods such as atta-based cakes, cookies and biscuits to complete this wonderfully sweet yet healthy hamper for your sweet-loving friends.

Green Tea Hamper

Want to push your loved ones to ditch caffeine through tea and coffee and pick up a more soothing beverage? Choose a collection of green teas. Green tea is one of the most calming beverages that contain antioxidants and many important nutrients that nourish the body. Having green tea regularly has also been linked to losing weight and improving metabolism. 

These are some wholesome gifting options to choose from the next time you have an occasion to gift your loved ones. Remember to take in mind their preferences and create a hamper that is tailor-made to suit them. And make sure to pack your hampers with recycled materials or biodegradable materials so that your gift is thoughtful while also being mindful of the environment.