Want to construct a cold storage warehouse? Over the recent years, the supply chain of perishable goods has substantially increased due to high demand and competition. Consequently, storage, production, and transportation have been an issue. However, due to modernization, productivity level has increased, thus, more extensive warehouses. Also, you can prefer a Temporary Warehouse that help to manage your business good and give you the proper storage space. For manufacturers and business owners, the cost is often a concern to minimize their investments. Although rental options exist, producers and manufacturers often tend to have warehouses. But, it comes with some costs and necessitates good planning to ensure the price does not rise. To have a broader perspective, it is crucial to become familiar with the needed requirements and invent an effective construction plan, design, and budget appropriately. Therefore, the cost of constructing a cold warehouse freezer storage rental depends on its size, the kind of storage, and capacity. 

Small Cold Storage Warehouse                                                          

Small warehouses vary in cost and range from about $60,000 to approximately $200,000. Most companies operate within this range, depending on their capacities and resources.

500 MT Cold Storage warehouse 

The cost of building this warehouse varies depending on its capacity. It is about $25,000 up to $1 million. It is majorly dependent on the kind of technology deployed in it. It is imperative to consult with select qualified consultants, but the cost of designing a specific cold storage facility may be relatively higher. Fortunately, if cold storage is designed with appropriate technical equipment, it can save up to $100 000 yearly. Frozen cold storage of the same size also exists and is mainly used by supermarkets and hypermarkets to store frozen items such as ice cream. 

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1000 MT Cold Storage Warehouse

 It is a cold storage facility capable of storing up to one million tonnes of products. Its building is estimated to be around $ 100,000 up to one million US dollars. The range is varied as the cold storage type depends on the machinery costs. Some cold storage has been recently designed together with food processing lines, which has been an essential investment. There should be a linkage between the production and consumption of the products; therefore, the cost of this cold storage varies accordingly. 

5000 MT Cold Storage 

The cost of this kind of warehouse is dependent on the purpose. For instance, some are designed for general purposes, while others are multipurpose. The general purpose 5000 MT warehouse is about $500,000, whereas the multipurpose one is about $10 million. When taking on the cost of this warehouse, it is crucial to keep the value of the land, which is an additional value. Besides, before investing in it, it is vital to identify the storage facilities that suit your products. 

However, the construction of a cold storage warehouse cannot be determined accurately due to some of the factors directly related to the cost of the project. Also, the construction cost depends on the type of cold warehouse needed. For instance, a cold storage facility may require some extra cost compared to the actual value of ordinary cold storage. To understand this better, it is good to have the following aspects in mind, which are part of the cost of the project; 

Refrigeration Controls 

Automation is an essential aspect of a warehouse to increase the level of efficiency, but with that, the power consumption is considerable. It comes with an efficient way to manage data, make the analysis of a trend, and develop real-time reports. Automation ensures that the whole system’s efficiency is working at maximum levels. These systems are, therefore, the determinants of the cost of building a cold storage warehouse. 


A good warehouse must always have good working conditions for its personnel. Since it is cold storage, rapid roller doors should be installed to ensure the maintenance of a warm space for workers and a chilled environment for the goods. Sometimes snow can form at the warehouse, so evaporators should be placed in the correct positions to limit snow formation and ensure that the airflow is minimized. 

Integration of Systems 

Cold storage facilities comprise freezers and other components, necessitating seamless integration to ensure good functioning. For instance, cold air generation is based on an anhydrous ammonia unit. Ammonia is incompatible with the copper pipes, which must be replaced with another material to increase the overall costs. Besides, ammonia is reputed for its toxicity and thus requires the provision of training to the personnel handling the equipment, and this, however, comes with an extra cost. It is also essential to deploy security measures and provide the workforce with safety equipment, which is mandatory.