Many introverts are happy with their lives being centered around their home, they do not feel the need for masses of social engagement, and some regard these sorts of engagements as a type of torture. 

One type of perceived torture can be getting fit by way of joining a gym or attending a fitness class, as they can find the environment intimidating, overcrowded and loud. However, there is a way of taking the discomfort out of the whole getting fit scenario that you might not have thought about.

#1 Online facilities

There are lots of online facilities, such as YouTube, where you can find countless personal trainers and body coaches offering their services for free or for a small fee on a subscription basis. You can find specialists in certain types of fitness such as yoga, Pilates, and aerobic or muscle-building exercises, to name but a few, and they also have a range of exercises for all abilities.

#2 Installing a home gym

If you want to use large items of equipment such as treadmills or exercise bikes, you may want to invest in a home gym. This way, you will be able to get all the advantages of having a gym without having to worry about sharing the equipment or the discomfort of feeling intimidated by others that are extremely comfortable in a gym environment as well as with their own physique.  

#3 Using simulators

There is another option to add to this list that you may not have thought about, and that is the use of simulators. These particular simulators are not the same as the game consoles where you have a handset, and you can fool the console into thinking that you are moving around when actually you are just wiggling your wrist around. 

These are simulators like the foresight golf simulator, which is used by some of the top golfing professionals and available at Shop Indoor Golf stores. With this simulator, you will get the real feel of a golf course and be able to work on your swing while gaining the health benefits of playing the great game of golf without having to feel stressed or anxious about your environment or having to worry about the weather.

So, to wrap it all up

There are countless different ways in which you can get fit without having to leave your home or, for that matter, converse with anyone that you do not want to. You can also be totally in control of your exercise schedule and regime without the necessity of having to stick to one personal trainer or fitness instructor if you do not want to. 

If you feel that you would like to start using equipment to get better or different results, then you can put together your own home gym selection or if you find exercising boring, whether it is following along with the same old routines or you just want to do something different that you can improve at there is the game of golf which can be taken out into the fresh air on a land-based golf course or kept in the privacy of your home by purchasing a golf simulator for your virtual feats.