Everyone wants to reach the heights of success. To reach their several stairs you have to cross. At every level, there is a huge competition to get admission. Similarly, to get admission in graduation for study in foreign countries. Students should clear the exam popularly known as GRE. Which is a graduate record examination. This accepts almost every graduate program. The GRE EXAM SYLLABUS 2021-2022. It has two types of paper. Each of them has a different exam syllabus. First, the GRE general test includes subjects related to reasoning and vocabulary. Secondly, the GRE subject test is related to one particular subject to checks our deep knowledge about it. It’s very difficult to crack this exam. As several students appear in this exam and only a handful are selected. So, thus needs a proper preparation schedule to crack it.

So, here are some of the preparation tips. You can include them in your timetable and follow them to get better results.

  • If you are confident and intelligent. Then a 30 days course is enough for you to crack this exam. But you have to give 3-4 hours daily. And your basic mathematics is not clear. Then you have to give more than this. Try doing those topics in which you are weak. Focus on them much. Rather than those about which you have great knowledge. So, it’s a matter of strong and weak points. Find out this first after that prepare your timetable accordingly.
  • Firstly, do some practice tests and know where you stand. Find your weaknesses. And start focusing on your weaknesses. Give this test in such a way that you are giving it. Then Find the base score you need for admission. By keeping in mind your base score and your weaknesses. Start preparing for your exam. Every single point should be clear in your mind.
  • Now, find the mode of study. Several modes provide you with study material. You wanna go with only practice tests or proper courses. You can get various preparation courses available in online mode. Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation. You can choose self-study. It’s a good option. Choose the mode which best suits you. So that you can focus on your studies.
  • Don’t focus only on the result. Try to understand the points deeply. Solve every doubt that comes inside your mind related to the topic. This exam will not check your remembering power but this deals with the reasoning. Build up your vocabulary by reading newspapers, magazines. Learn new words every day from a dictionary and write them down to improve vocabulary. Write the mistakes you make while learning. So, you don’t repeat them.
  • Try to solve as many practice tests as you can. This will tell you your strong and weak points. Review the results if the result is not going in your favor. Then change the technique of preparation. Solve at least one to two practice tests a day. Solve at least 10-12 tests in a week.

So, these are few points you can keep in mind while studying. This exam needs a lot of study along with its proper technique of studying. Don’t be like you are studying for hours and still don’t get anything. Study in such a way that by giving half an hour to one topic you have understood it. While studying your weak concepts don’t ignore the strong concepts. Study them once.


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