If you haven’t heard about Erectile Dysfunction or ED then you are surely not updated about the events happening around you. Currently among males across the world, ED is a trending health concern. According to medical experts and data, 2 out of 5 American men are suffering from ED. And those who are not, are on the way to being an ED patient. What why is there such an undeclared pandemic of ED? There is a long-term treatment option available through acoustic wave therapy for ED. Keep reading to learn more about this option that combats erectile dysfunction.

For unaware ones, Erectile Dysfunction is a medical situation in which men fail to satisfy their partner due to poor erection. Thus, the sexual interaction ends in disappointment and instead of orgasm, couples get frustrated. Improper erection sometimes is not Erectile Dysfunction but when the frequency of such instance increases, then it is called ED. In a healthy relationship, both material and sexual desires need to be satisfied. Yes, you may gift her a gold ring and an expensive dress. But without the satisfaction of sexual desires, the bond is incomplete, it is also one of our needs that must be fulfilled. Fortunately, one of the best ways to fix these issues is to use a proper and FDA-approved medication like Bluechew – you can read its review here.

Disturbing sex life reflects its negative aspects on the overall personality and mental space of the man. Erectile Dysfunction has caused divorce, extramarital affairs and even suicide. This is because when for a woman his husband becomes incapable of pushing her to orgasm the sexual urge in her lets her find satisfaction in other ways. Thus, it becomes very important for men to address this issue and take steps immediately to prevent cracks in the relationship. Several solutions like Vidalista Gemeric Cialis, fildena 100 and Cenforce 150 from powpills.com come up that provide relief from Erectile Dysfunction. But you can fasten the process of recovery by following a few tips. But before you must know the basic biology about ED to connect the dots.

What leads to ED?

Lack of proper erection is the outcome of a flawed blood supply in the penile region. When men receive stimulation and arousal, blood flows heavily in the blood vessels of the penis. This supply of blood leads to the expansion of blood vessels which enlarges the penis, thus causing an erection. But due to situations like smoking, diabetes mellitus, obesity, high blood pressure, hypertension, stress, anxiety and other reasons a good amount of blood does not enter the penis.

Thus, the expansion of blood vessels of the penis is reduced and so is the erection. Hence, we can conclude that unless blood supply is improved, erection is impossible. We can increase the intensity of recovery of ED if we make some changes in daily life besides taking Vidalista 20, fildena 100 and Cenforce 100.

Getting rid of addictions

Addiction is the major reason for the deterioration of sex life. Alcohol, recreational drugs, tobacco and all sorts of items that make you go high and escape the hardships of life must be avoided. But the escape is short-lived and when the effect goes away, your body more of the item and this process continues making you a slave. This has a direct negative impact on blood circulation and other biological processes occurring in the body. Therefore, if you care about your relationship and sex life then make a decision quickly. Even the counter ED pills are taken to overcome ED become less effective under the action of addictive elements in the body.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

Food is the ultimate fuel for your body which determines the overall functioning of the body. As we have learned in our childhood that we should take a balanced diet, it must be followed. Each nutrient, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and roughage are needed by the body. Reduce the intake of junk foods as they are a storehouse of bad cholesterol and sugar which make people vulnerable to heart problems and improper blood circulation.

Manage sleep-wake cycle

After food, the attention must be shifted to the sleep cycle. In this competitive environment wherein every sector of work, there is a rat race, sleep often gets compromised for work. Yes, work is indeed important as it provides us with the bread and butter but health comes at the top of the priority list. We should make a balance between the sleep-wake cycle so that after extensive work we get enough time to have a good sleep and recharge ourselves. Lack of proper sleep invites stress, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and also nervous breakdown. You cannot expect a cent per cent productivity from a person who is lacking sleep.

Such a person is most likely to disappoint his wife or girlfriend because currently his mind is disturbed, it will not react to stimulations smoothly. Hence, despite arousal, he may not receive the kind of erect you want. This is the reason why victims of insomnia and narcolepsy are most likely to use Vidalista 20, fildena 10 and Cenforce 150.


Life allows everyone to correct their mistakes. ED pills are solutions for our dissatisfied sex life. Make them work more efficiently by creating an atmosphere best suited for them by following the steps above.