This article will help you to identify the true goals of the website offering decor products.

Are you looking to purchase floating shelves, Shelves? You are in the right place. was subject to a thorough investigation that covered everything from its layouts to pricing options.

The program found that this was a very important fact. Our article can tell you with 100 percent clarity whether it Shoptiy Legit

It is essential that you have all the information available and make your decision. The United States are interested in the authenticity of the site.

Shoptiy Legit?

Before revealing their payment information, users should consider the site’s Genuine goals. In the next section, we’ll discuss the characteristics that can help you determine the validity of Shoptiy.

These are some of the facets.

  • Domain age – A domain name is verified as valid on April 22nd 2021.
  • Authenticity – The domain is not reliable.
  • Shoptiy Review – The current evaluation shows that there are not Shoptiy Ratings available.
  • Website address – This is the company’s specific location and contact information.
  • Site content is minimal and product specifications are copied. The content is therefore of poor quality.
  • Credibility rank – The site received a final trust rating 42.0/100 which is below the average.
  • Social media sites are not available on any social network such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. The links on the top site are also unusable.
  • Trustworthy feedback pages – Trustpilot and other review sites have not offered client input.
  • The site is not very well-known.

Is Shoptiy Legit? Make sure to read the conclusion before you buy.

What’s a Shoptiy Site?

Shoptiy, an online store that sells high-end items, can help you make your home look great. The site sells decor products such as floating shelves, shelf, and other accessories at a very low price to its customers. This website was founded just a few days ago.

The company plans to expand its operations worldwide.

Apart from this, the site looks suspect for many other reasons. We have addressed each of the issues in this Shoptiy Review The article.

Specifications for Shoptiy Website

  • Link to Website URL –
  • Products – Decor Products
  • Domain age -22/04/2021
  • Discount not provided
  • Address of the Company – 4120 Obannon Rd, Apt 8, Saint Louis MO 63129, USA
  • Email
  • Phone: (860) 419 2895
  • SSL Certificate – Valid HTTPS connection
  • Delivery time – Products are delivered within 7 working days
  • Not provided: Estimated delivery costs
  • Refund-within customers can get a refund within 7 working days
  • Warranty- Not available
  • PayPal and Credit Card are the payment options.
  • Order record – Present

You can read the Is Shopping Legit list of unfavourable and recommended aspects.

The benefits of shopping at Shoptiy

  • All of the phone numbers are listed on this site.
  • Within seven business days, the refund will be processed.
  • It is HTTPS-secured, and it includes an email system.
  • Unique and one-of-a kind items are sold in the store
  • You can browse the site in many categories, including hot deals and newcomers.

The cons of shopping from Shoptiy

  • It doesn’t include client feedback.
  • It ranks low in trust and is not highly ranked.
  • Only 1% of Trust Scores were achieved by the site.
  • We didn’t find any social media links for the company.

Shoptiy Review

It is not user-friendly and does not have a customer review on Decor Products which could increase its visibility online. We are also unsure of the authenticity and legitimacy of decor items on the site.

Without customer feedback, we cannot make a final decision. We finally conclude that this website is suspicious. To protect yourself against PayPal fraud, click here


Based on our analysis, we created a post that outlines every bit of information about the site. The site appears suspicious to us. It is not wise to buy it. You have been victim to fraud through a Credit Card scam. Click Here to Get Money Back.

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