West Seneca mourns the sudden and tragic death of Jennifer C. Hubbard. She was an extraordinary individual who left a legacy of kindness and compassion to all those she touched during her life. Her experiences were profound and her influence felt far beyond West Seneca. Jennifer Hubbard passed away on November 12th, 2023. She created an incredible body of work which captured the journey she undertook throughout her lifetime and will live on in our memories and those who knew her best. Her legacy will live on in us all forevermore.

Who Was Jennifer Hubbard

Jennifer was born posthumously, to John W. Hubbard (deceased) and Elizabeth Head Hubbard. Her life began in unusual circumstances. Jennifer experienced both parents’ deaths before being born; yet her story of perseverance began early. Despite such tragic losses at such an early age, Jennifer quickly established herself in West Seneca as an active community member and member. She is known for her kindness, and quiet strength.

Early life and family

Jennifer’s journey has been marked by her loving siblings, the late John R. Hubbard and James Hubbard with Douglas Schroeder (husband Roger) as well as Anne Hubbard Kelkenberg. She was a beloved aunt to her nieces and nephews, along with several other family and friends that formed a close-knit system.

What happened to Jennifer Hubbard

Jennifer’s death was marked by an intimate gathering of West Seneca tribal members, which was a sign of her high regard in the community. In accordance with her family’s wishes the details of her passing were kept secret. Instead, the focus was on celebrating her memory and her life.

Jennifer Hubbard Death Cause

Jennifer’s cause of death is not known, as per her family’s request. This allows us to remember Jennifer for her personality and not the circumstances surrounding her death.

Jennifer’s Legacy

Jennifer’s life is a mosaic, with triumphs and challenges. Each piece reflects her strength and love. Her unique life story set the scene for a journey of compassion and understanding. These traits made her a favorite with everyone she encountered. Her warmth and kindness were a constant in her West Seneca Community, leaving a lasting impression on all who interacted with her.

WNYDDSO Gratitude

Jennifer’s connection to the Western New York Developmental Disabilities Service Office was a significant part of her life. The WNYDDSO staff is deeply appreciated by the family for the unwavering love and support they have shown Jennifer over the years. This relationship highlights how important community and support networks are in improving the lives of people, particularly in circumstances such as Jennifer’s.

Funerals and Remembrance

The funeral for Jennifer Hubbard took place in Rye, New York at the Greenwood Union Cemetery. This location was chosen because of its beauty and serenity. The setting was a fitting way to say goodbye to a quiet life of dignity and strength. The service reflected Jennifer’s life and was marked by individualized attention. It echoed the personalized care she received during her lifetime.

Jennifer Hubbard’s story is a powerful reminder of human resilience, and of the importance of community support to help us overcome life’s obstacles. Her legacy lies not only in her memories, but also in lessons she taught about courage, love, and strength. The West Seneca Community and Jennifer’s family celebrate Jennifer’s life, which was full of love, warmth and an enduring spirit despite all odds. Your story continues to inspire. Rest in peace Jennifer Hubbard.