JM Canlas’ untimely death has caused shockwaves in Dublin’s close-knit communities and a wave of sadness and reflection. His life, at 17 years old was filled with athleticism and artistic talent. He left behind an immeasurable legacy which speaks volumes about his diverse talents.

Jm Canlas:

JM Canlas was a star on the Dublin football fields. He defended his team with an ardor that set him apart. His outstanding skills as a football defender did not only relate to the game, but also the camaraderie he brought on the field. JM found his rhythm beyond the cheers, adrenaline rush, and games. He also found it in music, acting, and debates. His love for gaming was only one aspect of his multi-faceted personality.

The proud Filipino in Dublin’s melting pot

Dublin, a city known for its diversity, welcomed JM Canlas, a proud Filipino son who was proud of his heritage. His roots were deeply intertwined in his identity, as was demonstrated by his commitment to social causes. JM wasn’t just a sportsman who played for the win, but he was also a champion of the underprivileged. He often extended a helping hand to the marginalized within his community.

How Jm Canlas Died?

JM’s death remains shrouded in mystery and many mourn his passing due to lack of clarity as to what led up to it. This tragedy serves as an eyewitness account of life as fragile and hidden battles are constantly waged for everyone; especially young people.

Uniting in Grief & Celebration

News of JM’s death sent shockwaves through football’s world and millions were devastated at his departure. To mark and celebrate his life and memory, his family and friends plan to hold a wake in his honor on April 19. Not only will mourners pay respect to JM, but they will also be able to celebrate him!

A tribute to JM Canlas

JM Canlas, as those who knew him best tell his story, is revealed to be more than a talented footballer. He was also a source for joy and hope. A young man with big dreams, he inspired others. His legacy is one of passion and generosity.

JM Canlas reminds us that in a world where we often focus more on the destination than the journey itself, the life of JM canlas encourages us to look at the moments that bring us together, the creativity and the humanity that unites us. While Dublin and the wider community deal with this loss the memory of JM canlas will remain, encouraging us to be fully present and supportive to each other.


  1. Who was JM Caslas?
    • JM Canlas, a young talented footballer from Dublin was known for his defensive skills and his charitable work in his community.
  2. What happened to JM Caslas?
    • JM Canlas died unexpectedly, aged 17, and the cause is still unknown. The community was shocked.
  3. How will JM Canlas be remembered?
    • Through tributes, he is remembered as a talented individual with a kind heart, particularly within the Filipino and football communities.
  4. What are JM Canlas’s most notable achievements?
    • JM was also known for being an accomplished actor, singer, debater, gamer and music enthusiast – not forgetting his dedication to helping those less fortunate than himself.
  5. When and where is JM Canlas’s wake?
    • The wake for JM is set to take place from the 4th to the 6th of August at St. Peter Chapel Room 116 on Quezon Avenue in Dublin.