Thick, shiny and lustrous hair will greatly improve the appearance of a person. The type of hair depends to a large extent on hereditary factors, though lifestyle and diet, also affect the hair. Hair is exposed to dirt and pollution, so it becomes dirty after some time. Hence most people are washing their hair regularly, usually with a shampoo. To remove all the dirt, the shampoo will usually contain chemicals which make the hair dry and may also damage it. Hence many women are interested in finding a suitable conditioner to make their hair soft and shiny. Some of the factors which should be considered while checking the Jonsson protein conditioner product review are discussed below.

Why conditioners are required.

Dirty, oily scalp hair can cause itching and hair loss. Hence most people, especially women will use a shampoo to watch their hair properly, and remove all the dirt. However, most of the shampoos available contain chemicals which are very harsh, so the hair after applying shampoo is dry, cannot be easily styled and gets entangled. To overcome this problem, most hair care manufacturers are also supplying a conditioner, which has to be applied after shampooing. The conditioner will make the hair soft, shiny and smooth. It is easier to detangle the hair after conditioning it, so it can be easily styled. If the right conditioner is selected, the hair is less likely to break, and have split ends.

Conditioner ingredients

While selecting a shampoo, it is important to check the ingredients in the shampoo so that the user is assured that it will condition the hair properly. Usually the shampoo manufacturer will mention all the ingredients in the packaging. However, there are only a few active ingredients which condition the hair to make it soft and shiny. Hydrolyzed silk protein is one of the most widely used ingredients for conditioning hair and is extracted from silk. It is absorbed well by the hair, making the hair cuticles lustrous and soft. Additionally this protein has a smoothing, moisturizing effect, preventing and repairing split ends.

The guar chloride salt is another ingredient which is very effective in conditioning the hair, making it softer and shiny. The flyaway hair and static buildup is reduced, so the hair remains in place for a longer period of time. Sodium lactate is manufactured from the lactic acid produced by fermenting sugar. This compound is one of the best moisturizers available, ensuring that the hair remains hydrated and soft. These ingredients are effective for conditioning all types of hair, making it shiny, soft and easily styled. Conditioning the hair gives the hair volume , making it look thicker than what it actually is.


Depending on the thickness and volume of the hair, a suitable amount of conditioner should be applied to hair which has been shampooed to remove all the dirt from the scalp and hair. The conditioner should be massaged into the hair for thirty seconds, before washing it away. Customers who are using the conditioner for the first time, should purchase a smaller pack to check its effectiveness