When it comes to fashion dressing, how can we forget ladies handbags? Whether you’re going outside for a walk or visiting someone, a handbag is an important thing to carry out.  Handbags are among the most important parts of women dressing and the most companion for women. Unlike other fashion things, a handbag is a thing that a woman must need to wear when she goes outside. It is just like a small backpack for a woman. Usually, in these bags, you find some important travel and personal belongings. For example, handwash, charger, mobile, entirety napkins, money, earphones, tissue, and many more. Unlike men who usually grab their mobile and wallet and put all of their important stuff in their pockets, women have to put all these things into their carry bag.

There are many other things to say! Besides, it is useful or not, but it’s one of the most versatile accessories of a woman. You can find tons of different types of handbags to choose from on the market or online stores. It’s because now handbags are considered an important part of women’s fashion. As a result, women’s carry bags are now the most focused accessories for fashion designers. Currently, you can see millions of handbags with new and unique designs. Now, the question that appears here is how can you choose a perfect handbag for yourself? That’s why in this article, we’ve written an ultimate guide on women’s handbags and how you can choose a perfect handbag for the desired occasion. So let’s get into it!

Consider your body

Your body figure plays an extremely important role in choosing your handbag. In our opinion, you should carry a bag that fits your body figure. If you’re skinny, has a slim figure or I-shaped body, you should choose a small bag. We would recommend clutches or any other small bags for this kind of body. If you have an O-shaped body means a bulky or fatty body, you can go ahead with large-sized bags—for example, shoulder bags and backpacks. So, just like you choose a dress for your figure, consider handbags according to your body’s figure.

Choose Occasion

A heavy and bulky handbag would not be suitable if you’re going for a jog or a walk. Similarly, a small clutch would not be perfect if you’re going for a long drive. You should consider a handbag that suits your occasion for some party events and casual occasions, better to carry a clutch bag or any small handbag if needed. For long drives or if you’re going out of the city, then you must carry a long and large size handbag for your needs.

You need to carry more things like water bottles, face wash, cream, tissues, napkins, and many other things in long tours and events. But at a party or casual occasions, you don’t require these things. When going to family functions, we suggest you go with a medium-size handbag of your choice.


Since your handbag also reflects your dressing and is a part of your fashion trend. Therefore, you also need to make it more customizable to take your dressing skills to another level. A small matching handbag with the dress will make your dressing skills awesome! However, it’s not compulsory to match your handbag with your dress since not every girl is rich enough to buy a dedicated handbag or clutch bag for every dress.

You can contrast, but not enough that it makes you colorful. You can choose some generic colour lady’s handbags so that they will fit with almost every dress colour. Not just the colour of a dress, also consider the dress type. For example, a small clutch bag will look amazing with a saree. Satchel bags will look perfect with jeans and a shirt or T-shirt. But, you can choose your handbag according to your preference.

Items that you want to carry

If you’re going out of the city or for long rides, you have to carry a handbag that has a large storage capacity. We know ladies’ handbags are a part of fashion, but it does not mean killing your need for fashion. You should first focus on the practicality of any ladies’ handbags then consider fashion and beauty. Of course, for hiking and outdoor activities, you’ll not carry any clutch or small size bags. If you need some small-sized items like money, debit cards, business cards, small notes, then a clutch bag is perfect.

For medium-sized items with you like water bottles, chargers, mobile phones, and tissues, a shoulder bag or satchel bag is perfect. For large items like one pair of clothes, shoes, or cap, go ahead with backpack bags. It all depends on the items or stuff you want to carry with you!

Material of the handbag

Material is another main thing that you should consider. You don’t want to buy those lady’s handbags that will tear in 2-3 days. Therefore, it’s compulsory to consider the material your handbag is made of. Leather is the most reliable and long-running material. Handbags made from leather usually last for much longer and are reliable compared to any other material. The same applies to price. Leather handbags are usually the most expensive handbags in all types of material. PU leather or Faux leather is also another popular material that is used widely in handbags production. It is synthetic leather made up of nylon and polyurethane. This material is usually better than real leather.

Because manufacturers can customize in the way they want + has a better and more glossy look than real leather + never fades like real leather and has the same reliability as real leather. Above all, it’s way cheaper than real leather. We would highly recommend you purchase Faux or PU leather handbags, as they are excellent in both reliability and looks! Another cheap material that is widely used is Lagesse. It’s the worst and worst type of material used in handbags. It is a thin PVC sheet covered in cloth that gives you a real leather-like feeling. But, you can easily turn the sheet even with your bare nails! So must consider the fabric or your ladies handbag first!

Some best types of ladies’ handbags!

If you’ve read this article so far, it means you’re interested in handbags for yourself. This article is the ultimate guide on handbags. That is why below we’ve mentioned some of the best and most trendy types of lady’s handbags for you! So let’s dive into it!

Satchel bags

A satchel bag is one of the most used types of carrying bags. It’s because a satchel type of ladies’ handbag is usually easy to carry, portable, and, most importantly, beautiful! The main purpose of the satchel bag is to provide a bag for students to let them carry their books and other stationery in modern design bags. If you ever visit a university or college, you can see most girls carry satchel bags for keeping their books and stationery.

However, now the trend has changed. Nowadays, satchel bags are not just for university or college students. Most of the girls bring these bags to parties or any casual events. It’s because they are easy to carry, glossy and casual, and have enough space to carry your basic personal belongings! As we’ve said, the satchel looks perfect in casual dresses. However, they are not supposed to be used in formal events and places like offices or meetings.

Backpack bags

These kinds of bags are best for carrying while travelling or in any event where you need to store many items. The main benefit you get from these bags is that you’ll have a benefit of back straps. With those straps, you can carry your handbag on your back comfortably. Moreover, they allow you to carry large weights and are best for carrying heavy-sized items like shoes, clothes, water bottles, and other important stuff. However, they are not supposed to look modern and beautiful in design. Instead, they are more close to practicality and usage. You can use it to carry a laptop, food, books, bottles, or other heavy stuff.

Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags are the most popular and common type of bags that most girls use. The biggest reason behind their popularity is that they are more generic and perfect for almost any event. They are usually designed to carry small-sized stuff like water bottles, chargers, earphones, and napkins. They are suitable for almost any type of event. Whether it’s a party, long tour, or a family function, shoulder bags work great in any type of situation! You’ll not have only large storage but a trendy, beautiful, and easy to carry accessory as well. They are the most common type of ladies bag that you can find online and on the offline market. However, we’ll recommend you purchase a shoulder bag made up of PU Leather because it’s cheap, more beautiful and has the same reliability as real leather.