What do you think of ethnic dress? Do you like to wear ethnic dresses on occasion? The website that we are currently reviewing which was created from is for you India You will find the most stylish and high-quality dresses. The fashion industry is constantly changing its designs and colors. These features are all available on the Lilyatture website. We can help you determine if the designer piece is available for purchase.

What is Lilyattire Com?

Lilyattire Com sells ethnic culture dresses online. We can find the best designer costumes and the best sarees in a variety of colors. Limited editions are still on sale. However, we are unable to verify the site’s presence on social media. Additional classification Is Lilyattire legitimate? To verify the legitimacy of the website, we have to go through all the checkpoints.


  1. https://lilyattire.com/India… This URL will open the website.
  2. The products will be shipped upon receipt of the SMS by the website within one or two working days.
  3. All products are shipped for free.
  4. You can return or exchange your item within 15 days of delivery.
  5. No refund is available on products sold on this site, but replacement is possible.

This site is accessible to the following information:

  • Additional information: G-1, facing ARJUN NAGAR GURGAON (HR)
  • PIN: 122001
  • Phone number. Phone number: 872103821
  • Email address: info@faminafab.com
  • Anything that could tell us about Lilyattire Com Reviews It was not there.
  • This website only accepts cash on delivery.

Benefits of Lilyattire

This website has a valid HTTPS connection.
The domain blacklist status did not detect any blacklist engines.
An SSL certificate was available.

Disadvantages of Lilyattire

  1. WHOIS discovered the identity of the owner through a secret search.
  2. It’s a brand new website.
  3. Lilyattire Com reviews were not available.
  4. This website had a very low Alexa rank.
  5. It feels like this happens all the time as we analyze the content of the hike.

How reliable is Lilyattire Com?

If we are going to talk about the legitimacy of a website, it is important to remember all of its checkpoints. It’s not easy to categorize a website. Is Lilyattire legitimate ?. Legitimacy allows us to determine whether we are paying money to scammers or to legitimate sellers. These points will help you understand the legitimacy of this site.

  • This site was created on June 15, 2021.
  • The site is not very popular in the world.
  • There are 3% of profiles that could be considered a threat.
  • This website had a phishing score of 3%.
  • This website has been rated legitimate with a score of 2.8%.

As mentioned, all the points of legitimacy help to show that this website looks suspicious and questionable.

Lilyattire Com review: what is it?

Customer feedback is the most important factor in determining the legitimacy of a website. Each case will have different comments, so they may be inconsistent. This will allow us to better understand the site. Today’s website has had no feedback indicating that the website is unreliable. There is no social media presence on the site. This tells us that he is not trustworthy.

We do not recommend that you buy ethnic clothes on this site.


We will help you find that this website is questionable and suspicious. Lilyattire Com Reviews It’s very obvious. We hope that today’s website review will help you identify the legitimacy and credibility of this website.