Mike Montalbano was a respected management professor who had a wide influence beyond the classroom. Students and colleagues are left to deal with the loss of a respected educator and member of the academic fraternity.

Who was Mike Montalbano?

Professor Mike Montalbano, a management luminary who has been devoted to the University of California since 2015, was an expert in his field. Montalbano’s academic ability and his mentorship of students were both admired. His classes shaped their minds and their futures. His sudden death has served as an eloquent reminder that great teachers can leave indelible memories in our minds.

What happened to Mike Montalbano

The sudden and tragic death of Professor Montalbano sent shockwaves through the university community. Martijn Cremers sent an email to all Mendoza College of Business students delivering this sad news. Montalbano’s death has caused a flood of sorrow and memories within the institution. This shows the respect in which he is held.

How did Mike Montalbano die?

Details of Professor Montalbano’s death cause have not been released, because the University community is focusing on his legacy and life. His sudden death has highlighted the importance of collective grief and community support during such unexpected losses.

The Community’s Tribute To A Beloved Prof

The College held a prayer service in honor of Professor Montalbano. Faculty chaplain Fr. Frank Murphy led the University to remember and celebrate the life of the soul who has passed. The service highlighted the bonds Montalbano formed with his students, colleagues and community, which will not “unravel” with death, as Fr. Murphy said it poignantly.

Legacy Left Behind

Montalbano will always be remembered fondly as an advocate and contributor to Notre Dame education, serving his family, students and educators around the globe with dedication. His love and care for both have inspired educators worldwide.

Remembering the Educator & the Man

Montalbano was not only an esteemed professor but was also beloved family man, leaving behind his beloved wife Sue, sons Thomas and Annabelle as well as grandchildren who will miss him deeply. Thomas said Montalbano valued both roles – educator and family man. All who knew him intimately will miss him greatly.

Remembrance: Moving forward

At a funeral to remember Professor Montalbano at Basilica of the Sacred Heart, students, faculty and staff can come together and honor his legacy in society. This event offers the perfect chance to pause for reflection upon life itself and its impact.

Professor Mike Montalbano had become an integral part of the university community since he arrived. With his sudden and sudden passing came an unwelcome reminder of just how fleeting life can be; during such times of sadness the University community came together in their solidarity to honor his legacy – representing service, family, and education through life well lived. The University will carry the spirit of his teachings and his legacy, as well as the memory of guidance he provided, into the future.


  1. Who was Mike Montalbano?
    • Mike Montalbano, a management professor who has taught at the University since 2015, was well-respected.
  2. What was the response of the University to Mike Montalbano’s death?
    • The University organized a prayer service and a walk. His funeral will be held at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.
  3. What did Mike Montalbano do at the University?
    • He was well-known for his love of teaching and for having a positive influence on Notre Dame students.
  4. Who will survive Mike Montalbano
    • His wife Sue, children and grandchildren are his survivors.
  5. When and where is the funeral of Mike Montalbano?
    • The funeral will take place at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on Monday at 2:30 p.m.