Shari Smiley’s career was nothing less than remarkable in the entertainment business. Her career, which began in 1993 as a receptionist for Creative Artists Agency, is a tale of passion and determination. Smiley became a key player within a few years due to her ability to identify compelling narratives.

Turning pages into Pictures: The Art of Turning Pictures from Pages

Smiley was a master at identifying potential bestsellers, and then transforming them into cinematic gems. She did this both while working for CAA, and later 3 Arts and The Gotham Group. During her tenure, several notable books were successfully adapted. Smiley’s negotiation and foresight led to intense bidding battles in Hollywood over ‘In A Dark, Dark Wood,’ ‘The Barbizon,’ and ‘An Anonymous Girl.’

The Tolkien Estate has hired a consultant to help with the estate.

Shari Smiley has distinguished herself by playing a unique role. She is the consultant to J.R.R. Tolkien Estate as well. Her expertise in posthumous publications, adaptations and Tolkien was crucial to navigating the Tolkien legacy. This role showcased both her versatility and literary integrity.

Champion of Bestselling Authors

Smiley has worked with many renowned authors, including Cheryl Strayed and Gillian Flynn. She also collaborated with Lauren Weisberger and Mary Kubica. She was able to bring these authors to a larger audience and elevate their profiles in both the film and literary industries.

The Untimely Death of a Literary Legend

Shari Smiley’s sudden death at the age of 53, on November 14, 2023 left many people heartbroken. Her legacy lives on in the new agents and managers who want to follow her footsteps.

Remembering Shari smiley

Shari Smiley was not only an agent during her 18-year tenure at CAA, but also a mentor, a visionary and sparked some of the biggest book-to film adaptations in history. This inspiring story of dedication, hard work and storytelling ability takes you from receptionist to celebrated agency.