Who doesn’t love wooden block games? Taking a break from screen time with wooden block games couldn’t be more fun and entertaining. Improve dexterity and fine motor skills all while having a ball. Wooden block games are just entertainment to fill generational gaps and get the entire family involved.

Wooden block games are handy to have around but it is important to know what to look for when you go shopping. Otherwise you could end up with just some cheap wooden pieces that nobody uses. The best wooden block games have a few quality elements that make them ideal for any afternoon. 

Here’s what to look for in quality wooden block games your family will enjoy for years to come. 

Premium Wood

Wooden block games bring out the inner child in everyone making them the ideal entertainment to pass the time with family and friends. When you start shopping for wooden block games, you’ll want to find the ones that are made with premium wood. Mahogany is popular for its beauty and durability.

Wooden block games made with cheaper wood just aren’t as fun. After some time the pieces seem to warp and chip, reducing the number of games you can play. If you seek out a premium grade wood for your wooden block games, you won’t have that problem

Multiple Uses

The best wooden block games have multiple uses. Some of them include pictures that can act as three-dimensional puzzles. Those are the best and they can be gorgeous to look at. If you can use your wooden blocks for multiple types of games, you’ll enjoy them more and it will feel like a better return on your investment. Yes, wooden block games are an investment into your family’s entertainment.

Conveniently Portable

Seek out portability specifically. First, if your wooden block games are portable, then you’ll get more use out of them. They can go to a friend’s house, family gathering, or even Sunday school. You may even learn some new games to play with them, too.

Secondly, if your wooden block games are portable then that means they should come with some sort of storage. A backpack specifically is very convenient because it makes for easy transport. Look for wooden block games that are portable and come with a storage bag to keep them neatly tucked away when not in use. 

Unique in Some Fashion

When you start shopping for wooden block games, you’ll want to find some that are unique in some way. Some of the best wooden block games are the ones that come with giant blocks that can stand nearly 3 feet tall when stacked. Adults and kiddos both find those irresistible and will play with them for hours forsaking all screen time. 

Shop for Wooden Block Games Today

Now that you know what to look for you can start shopping for your wooden block games. Find some that are made with premium quality wood, have multiple uses, are unique, and portable. It seems like a tall order but they’re out there. When you find them, they’ll offer screen-free entertainment which improves fine motor skills and dexterity for years to come.