Are you interested in a career as a developer?

Considered one of the best jobs of the future, being a developer can be a rewarding and fulfilling career path. There is a large range of types of developers and deciding what type of developer you want to be can prove difficult.

By doing so, you can role-model yourself as one.

If you come up with a profile for what you want to do, you can ensure it matches the type of developer you wish to become. Read on to see the distinctions between software developer vs web developer.

Job Duties

There are a few key differences between software developers and web developers. Software developers, their primary focus is on creating and maintaining software applications.

This can include anything from any software development services new code to debugging existing code and everything between.

Web developers, on the other support, focus on creating and maintaining websites. This can involve anything from designing and coding new website features to troubleshooting existing ones.

Average Salary

The average salary for a software developer is $84,020 per year. A web developer makes an average of $68,524 a year. The average salary for a software developer is $20,000 higher than the average salary for a web developer.

The difference in average salary between a software developer and a web developer is $10,000.

Work Environment

They both develop software, but the major difference is in the work environment. Software developers work in an office environment, with a team of other developers.

They may work on developing new applications or features, or they may work on maintaining existing software. Web developers work in a more fast-paced environment, as they are often working on deadlines.

They may work on developing new websites or web applications, or they may work on maintaining and updating existing websites.

Personal Traits Best Suited

Web developers are better suited to working with visual elements and creating interfaces.

Software developers are more likely to code for a wide range of applications, whereas web developers are more likely to be specialized in one or two specific coding languages.

Finally, personal traits that are best suited for a software developer position include being able to work and being analytical, whereas web developers need to be more creative and have excellent communication skills.

Knowing The Difference Between Software Developer vs Web Developer 

If you’re wondering whether you should become a software developer vs web developer, it’s important to know the difference between the two.

Software developers create and maintain computer programs, while web developers create and maintain websites. Both careers must have strong technical skills, but web developers also need to have a good understanding of web design principles.

If you’re interested in a career in web development, consider pursuing a degree in computer science.

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