In cool weather and cold nights, gathering around a source of warmth is a no-brainer. One of the most enduring representations of the home is an image of a family coming together around a lit fireplace to enjoy the warmth and ambiance created by the dancing flames. For many people, it is the main draw behind the desire to install a fireplace.

We have used burning wood as a means of warming our homes practically since man discovered fire. From the time we lit the first flame, it has been an invaluable resource, especially in food preparation and warding away the cold. Since fireplaces were invented in the 17th century, they have become an integral part of the home. Today, wood heaters remain largely popular and are still used extensively.

There are many benefits of using wood heaters, including:

  • Lower energy costs.
  • Reliable fuel supply.
  • Versatility.

Furthermore, wood heaters are great as focal points for the overall room aesthetics. Using them as an anchor for the home’s decor is always a good design choice that produces satisfactory results. So if you are searching for a wood heater and would like more information about what is available in the market, read on to learn about some of our favourite wood heaters.

Ligna 700

Part of the Ligna series of fireplace inserts, this model has all the wonderful features that every Ligna product contains. Distinctively, its design follows the signature open front appearance all models in this series have. Therefore, you get to enjoy both the warmth and a stunning view.

The simplicity of the Ligna inserts extends beyond its looks. It is also easy to install. However, this ease does not take away from its efficacy in producing sufficient convective and radiant heat. In addition, it has an exceptional heat exchange feature that traps hot air which would otherwise escape. Once captured, the exchanger recirculates the air into the room by convection.

Purchasing the Ligna 700 gets you more than a quality insert. You also receive an ash pan, gather safety screen and fire grate for use at your convenience.

Celestial 900 Insert

If you are looking for an example of power, beauty and elegance all in one product, then look no further than the Celestial 900 Insert. It is truly the ideal in contemporary design that embraces the look of original fireplaces. Moreover, its face is covered with large ceramic glass fitted with an airwash system to facilitate clear views every time.

Beyond its looks, the Celestial 900 has the impressive performance to match. Its steel firebox is lined with ceramic coated firebricks to make it both durable and strong. As a result, this fireplace insert produces high heat levels and can sustain burning for about 10 hours. In addition, the power behind the appliance makes it a good choice for heating relatively large spaces. Finally, with significantly low emission rates, the Celestial will impress at every turn.

Coupe Inbuilt Double-Sided

Forget heating one room at a time. Installing the Coupe Inbuilt Double-sided is akin to having two fireplaces or the price of one. It provides heat primarily by convection through a double-fronted design. This way, if you position it in a wall separating two rooms, you can heat both spaces simultaneously during one burn session. Consequently, it is ideal for large open-plan interiors.

Some Coupe Inbuilt Double-Sided benefits include a unique and convenient feature that enables you to load the firebox from either side. It also facilitates clear views no matter which side you are observing from. Lastly, it is Australian made, so you have a bit of local ingenuity brightening up your home.

Tempo Stack

This model is a freestanding wood heater that is compact yet powerful. It fits nicely in homes without a lot of room to spare. Despite its modest size, the Tempo Stack offers enough versatility to make it well worth the purchase. Beyond using it for warmth, this heater has a cooktop. That means you can use one fire to cook and heat the room at the same time. This 2-in-1 approach makes it a very eco and budget-friendly appliance to have.

The advantages do not stop there. The Tempo Stack is so named because it has a storage compartment just below the firebox. Therefore, fresh firewood is never more than an arms reach away. So when you cosy up to the heater, you have everything you need close by.

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See-Through Cube

Another freestanding wood heater that really sets the design bar high. It is a double-sided model that has a unique convection system. This feature enables you to heat big spaces, yet the heater itself takes up little room. Additionally, the See-Through Cube is the ultimate centrepiece. Its stark, boxy and dark appearance makes the heater a flawless addition in any contemporary or minimalist space.