Alejandro Sanz, a Spanish musician, said in an interview that there might be a third musical collaboration between him and his friend Shakira. The singer is currently on tour and will be visiting Bogota with a new repertoire. The third person in discord between Shakira, Gerard Pique has always been the singer . This is because of the chemistry they shared in their musical collaborations like’La Tortura‘and’I appreciate but not.

Alejandro Sanz, a rumored interviewee, announced some happy news. It was that there might be a third musical collaboration between her and Shakira. According to reports, he said that he could not afford the perreo. There is also urban music that I find enjoyable. I don’t intend to denigrate any genre. Shakira and I will eventually find something to do a duet. Yes, we have had conversations.

Rumours have circulated that Shakira and Alejandro Sanz may be in a relationship after Shakira’s split. Alejandro is also a Miami resident, which is the new home of the Colombian. Alejandro and Rachel Valdes, a Cuban artist, are a couple. They have been very in love. Alejandro Sanz, in truth, has supported Shakira during her media divorce with Gerard Pique. He left comments and emoticons on his Instagram publications that have been viewed millions of times by people from all walks.

Shakira replies to Pique’s negative comments about her heritage and her fan: Reports

Pique was the victim of a sexist comment made by Waka Waka. After making negative comments on her heritage, and disparaging her fans in the course of it, he did this.

Gerard Pique criticized the singer in a recent interview. Gerard Pique said that he was very disappointed in the state of society. My ex-boyfriend is Latin American…you don’t know what I’ve seen on social media from her followers. These people don’t live “.

According to reports, Shakira took to Twitter to express her concern about his xenophobic sentiments. She wrote, “Orgullosa de ser Latinoamericana “. Translated, this means “proud Latin American” English. This tweet included various Latin country flag Emojis. Although Pique has not been mentioned anywhere in the tweet, it seems that fans took it to be Gerard Pique’s thrashing response.

Social media has seen Shakira’s split with Pique over the past months after they had been together for 11 years. They have two sons: Milan 10, and Sasha 8, respectively.