Similar to a fairs like fairs, Stardew valley Luau is also a celebration. The locals enjoy Luau at Stardew valley on the 11th of each Summer. Luau is a great opportunity to give yourself an opportunity to improve your level of friendship very quickly. The sole and only way to gain entry to the festival is to go to the beach from 9:00 am until 2 pm. The beach isn’t accessible until 9:00 am. zone before 9:00 am.

During the Luau time, you are able to spend all day on the beach, or get together to make friends with a variety of people from Stardew Valley village. When the Luau ends. You’ll be re-admitted to your farm by 10 o’clock.

Is It Necessary to Attend Stardew Valley Luau Festival?

The answer is dependent on the individual. However, if you’ve thought of visiting a house or retail store in the course of this celebration, the entire thing will be taken care of because the houses and shops remain locked until the festival is over and you get to your farm. Thus, there is no reason to stay at home.

What is the Motive of Luau Stardew Valley Festival?

The main purpose of these 12 festivals is to improve your social connections by participating in the global festival. Through these festivals you will be able to socialize and begin a new relationship with a variety of people simultaneously and in a specific location.

The primary attraction at this Luau is the potluck, which is prepared through the addition of ingredients by various villager. The process of combining the best ingredients for your soup recipe is the single most important aspect of the event. Since with a precise recipe you’ll be able to make acquainted with everyone, including the Governor.

The level of your friendship will decrease in the event that you mix a bad ingredient. You’ll lose popularity and may also lose your popularity with the villager. However, your friendships with Sandy as well as Krobus, the Wizard, Krobus, the Children of other players and the Dwarf are not affected.

How to Participate in Luau Festival?

Prior to the festival, the Mayor Lewis will email the invite to participate. You can then head straight for the beaches between 9:00am to at 2:00 pm. Additionally, in the letter of invitation Lewis is also going to remind that you should bring something nice along.


Stardew Valley Luau Potluck Soup Ingredients and Points Guide

In this competition, each participant is focused on the soup and create a delicious. Therefore, they must impress the Governor in order to score points. According to the guidelines mentioned on the letter of invitation from the Mayor, everyone brings something valuable to put in the soup. Make sure you bring something that is uncooked and edible. The game doesn’t tell players that the game is an actual soup. They also don’t inform players which cooked or non-edible foods aren’t legal.

The Life Elixir along with Oil of Garlic are crafted and are not cooked. The game classifies them as “cooked” items, which means they’re not eligible for the soup potluck. Magic Rock Candy is also considered to be a “cooked” item, which means it’s not a good choice. Field Snack, however, is ok.

In order to help you win to win, here is the list of items can be added to the potluck soup in order to get your best responses from the Mayor.

The list of items you need to know about the best response

Quick Tips In this way, every villager wants to impress Governor. But, every item’s base price, its health and quality are the main three factors that determine Gov.’s best reaction. Professional bonuses that help raise the price of various items like Angler, Rancher and others. aren’t the best to add into the soup pot.

If you are able to add something worthwhile into the stew, the governor will speak the following words. You will also get 120 friendship points with the villager. If you’re playing the the Stardew Valley Multiplayer game, every player needs to include something from the list above listed items to receive their best response.

If you’ve put something delicious into the soup pot, then the cook will speak these sentences.

“Oh My… this is one of the best soup that I’ve had!”
— Governor

When he feels relaxed when he is feeling good, he will say the lines which are listed below. In addition, you will receive 60 points to increase your friend levels with the locals.

Good Response
” “Ah… it’s a wonderful soup. The products from this valley is always delicious!”
— Governor

A player can earn 60 points of friendship with people living nearby.

In his non-biased response There is no chance to gain or lose any points of friendship with people around you.

Neutral Response
” “Hmm…” “Hmm… don’t have anything for you to write about the soup. It’s just a normal soup.”
— Governor

If you include items that don’t have an appropriate basis selling price, the 50 friendship points you earn will be taken from the villager’s money if you purchase the items listed below.

Bad Response
” “Um… The soup is really disgusting. I’ll probably skip that soup for this season.”
— Governor

  • Anchovy.
  • Blackberry.
  • Carp.
  • Crocus.
  • Daffodil.
  • Field Snack.
  • Green Algae.
  • Herring.
  • Joja Cola.
  • Salmonberry.
  • Seaweed.
  • Spring Onion.
  • Sunfish.
  • Sweet Pea.
  • Unmilled Rice.
  • White Algae.

Worst Reaction

If he reacts in the worst way at his worst, the Governor will hand out, and cost you 100 points of friendship with the entire village. Therefore, do not try adding any of the items listed below to your soup pan.

  • Holly.
  • Pufferfish.
  • Red Mushroom.
  • Sap.
  • Scorpion Carp.
  • Sea Cucumber.
  • Void Mayonnaise.

Something’s Missing

However, if you choose not to deal to the soup the chef will tell you that “it tastes as if you had missed something.” Also, it does not impact your friendship status since you did not contribute to the celebration.

A Quick Tips: You could add an escalator to the soup to trigger”the “Missing Something” response from the governor.

How to get Secret Response From Governor in Stardew Valley Luau Festival?

You can learn the Governor’s reaction by humiliating him before the crowd. For this, you just need to put Mayor Lewis’s shorts in purple into the soup. If you do this, both the governor and the mayor will be embarrassed, and it will lead to an unimaginable response from both of them.

If you’re using an online multiplayer platform and one of the players has added shorts in purple to the soup bowl and it is a secret response, then it could cause a secret reaction regardless of what they has added. This way, the villager’s level of friendship is not affected.

The moment the Governor has tasted the soup, the Stardew Valley Luau celebration will come to an end.


The above is all you need to be aware of regarding this year’s Stardew Valley Luau festival. If you believe we’ve not covered something or have information you’d like to add to this report. Please use the comment section in the following.