Workday is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that simplifies key processes in your finance, payroll, and human resources departments. Workday publishes six-monthly Workday updates to features in addition to weekly service upgrades. The most current version, Workday Feature Release 2023R2, includes new features for the Financials and Human Capital Management modules. It is not always easy to test Workday’s biannual upgrades, particularly when business processes are involved. To make sure that Workday testing does not impact your business operations, you will need a strong testing strategy. A broad overview of all the functions affecting the Financials and HCM modules will be provided in this blog.

Workday’s New Features Version 2023R2

Compensation: Workday are now being used more often in the compensation company procedure. The step can now be added to the compensation business procedure. “All Skills for Employee” is a new field that was introduced to Bonus and Stocks during the pay review procedure.

Skills Development: Workers may now change their skills data more quickly and easily when seeking a new career in Workday by replacing some elements of their talent profiles with the data they provide in their personal application for employment.

Workplace Management: The new version allows employees to sell their time off by configuring the time off for sale. Employees can now control their vacation time and get compensated for it if they sell it thanks to this.

Flexible Scheduling: Larger volumes of Journal Lines data from Workday Financials may now be imported into the Workday Adaptive Plan. Creating positions directly from the authorized headcount plans is now possible. 

Workday has introduced a new task called “Manage Dependency Verification Status” that allows users to update dependents’ validation status in bulk.

Workday Testing with Opkey: 

Workday update testing is Opkey’s area of expertise. It has helped organizations like Australia’s biggest building, design, and construction firm, Lendlease, adjust to the whole new Workday biannual upgrades. Opkey offers over 2,000 pre-built Workday test cases, allowing customers to easily increase the scope of their test coverage. They reduced test cycle times by 80% and testing costs by 60% with our test automation platform. Every Workday release from Opkey comes with an Impact Analysis report that lists the business activities and tests that are impacted by the update. Customers can instantly fix damaged test cases with Opkey’s quick self-healing script technology, which reduces test maintenance effort by 80%.

In conclusion, 
The Workday 2023R2 Feature Release comes with more features and enhancements in Financials and HCM. Opkey has become a potent tool for enterprises looking for dependable and effective ways to test their Workday upgrades. Since Opkey’s no-code test automation platform is user-friendly, application testing can be automated in a matter of hours rather than months by both business and technical personnel. Opkey gives your company the ability to expedite the testing process and quickly incorporate new features and improvements. Choose Opkey as your go-to partner for Workday update testing to ensure a seamless and effective transition to the HR and finance management of the future.