Were you young when computer and console games came to Finland? Do you remember those first driving and shooting and sports games, whose graphics did not relate to reality in any way yet? We lived in a time before the Internet, the time of console games and the first computers bought at home. Back then, you had to buy the games in the store and then download the games to your computer to play.

Everything started to change at the end of the 90s and as we moved into the new millennium, it was gradually time to move to the wonderful world of the Internet Taruhan Olahraga Indonesia. came gradually and today we play at home, at work, on the bus, on the train – because we are also available for games on mobile, because the 2010s brought a new dimension to our everyday life – mobile applications. Before that, the phone had become a mobile phone, and then a cell phone, and through text messages and wap messages, a photography camera, and a gaming machine taken away by a mat game. Today, a smartphone can be the single most important thing and object in life for many.

What is played the most?

First of all, the media constantly report how many gambling games are played in Finland. Already in 2014, Finns played more than 400 euros per person, and in the light of current statistics, Finns play the fourth most gambling games in the world – that is, relatively per person. Partly this number comes from the fact that there are few of us and our standard of living is high, so we basically have more to play than, for example, the Chinese coming from the growth direction of the gaming industry.

Statistics Finland says that we Finns have quadrupled our playing of digital games in the 21st century. The most active group of players are boys aged 10-14, but the biggest increase in gaming is over 44 years old and the most played are computer games that can be played alone, such as solitaire, but recently the number of mobile games in particular has increased, and they have already overtaken computer games played on a daily basis.

In 2019, the most popular games have followed international trends, i.e. the world’s most downloaded game Candy Crush Saga is also popular in Finland, even though the game is already approaching 10 years old. Computer games, e.g. Resident Evil 2, Tom Clancy and Apex Legends beat themselves up, not forgetting eSports genre games like PUPG and Fortnite.

eSports on the rise

Especially eSports games attract players from all age groups. Playing is then goal-oriented and social, as the teams find their shape and the best reach the international level to compete like the Finnish ENCE. ENCE is also one of the first Finnish eSports teams to reach the TOP10 level internationally, but also in Finland to receive widespread attention, including TV programs. Other Finnish teams have also gone to international circles to play, but the fact is that even in this field, only teams that have a really professional approach to playing and train together can succeed.

What to play for yourself?

So what would you start playing yourself? You should start thinking from the very beginning, i.e. are you looking for a game that develops play after play or a game that you can start and stop at any time, and which you don’t necessarily even have to learn because it’s so easy. For example, online gambling games are all 100% games of chance and luck, meaning that skill has nothing to do with them. Only if you’re going to play poker against other players, it’s good to know the basic rules and tactics to know what to do at any point. But slot machines online, like in kiosks and shops, are completely random and require only luck to win – and they’re easy to learn and play.

On the other hand, eSports games, for example, usually require many, many playthroughs, and preferably with the same game buddies, in order for development to actually take place. Besides, the games that can be installed on the computer, whether they are strategy, shooting, driving or whatever, require learning and practice in order to learn to play them. In mobile games, on the other hand, learning is often not required quite so much, but playing is quickly learned and there are many different factors in playing that invite the player to play again and again – even for free. The best places to play can be found as a result of your own experimentation and searching, and if you can find some game listings online, you can use them to quickly find your own favorites.

Paid or free

Even the fact that you can’t get any good games for free is no longer true. In fact, almost all mobile games are first free, and only then, while playing, can you start paying various micropayments to get additional features in the games. Even online casino games are available to be played with play money to pass the time.