Outdoor lighting can make a dramatic transformation in your exterior area.

However, apart from the aesthetic benefit, it can become a game changer for your overall home security system.

You have no idea how significant lighting the outdoors can be for the safety of your family, your property and all your valuable personal belongings.

If you think that calling a professional locksmith to repair your door locks is the only thing you can do to chase away the thieves, wait to hear what we have to tell you.

Find out everything you should know about the importance of outdoor lighting for your safety.

Make the Most of Your Space

Think about those people who envy you for having a small yet existing area outdoors. They dream of throwing a party in the garden just like you or spending some romantic evening hours with their beloved person on the porch.

All of these are amazing moments if not spent in darkness. Proper lighting allows your outdoor space to become a significant and irreplaceable part of your living environment.

Improve Home Security

Darkness has always been associated with the unknown, which invokes fear, while light has always been linked with safety.

By all means, if you install some lighting settings in the garden, your entire home place becomes more secure – from any incidents, from criminals, from natural disasters, and you name it.

Increase Property Value

Every home improvement brings extra value to your final property price. So does the lighting system for the outdoors.

If you ever decide to sell your house, don’t expect your potential customers to be impressed by the gloomy porch you’ve got. If they are elderly or have kids, they will never want to leave a place that’s hard to reach in the dark evenings.

And if you plan to sell your house right now, installing some outdoor lighting should be your first agenda task.

Prevent Outdoor Accidents

We’ve mentioned it above, but let’s say it clearly now: nights become very dangerous for you if you live on a property that’s not properly lightened outdoors. 

Just imagine how easy any accidents like falls or bumps become. Not to mention that if you have kids, they might be injured a lot, even in the gloomy evenings. 

Exterior lighting improves visibility and reduces the risks of your family and friends getting a nasty tumble in your garden. Things like the stairs, the drop-offs or the pools are constant hazards if left with no lighting in the evenings.

Discourage Thieves

A higher level of home security and safety is something that lighting can achieve with ease. In your exterior area, the thieves and all other criminals see whether you are a good victim for them or not. If your porch remains in darkness, you are definitely a target. 

Besides, let’s not forget that criminals love acting in obscurity. If you light up the entire exterior area, the chance for the thieves to come to steal from you reduces at least twice. 

And even if you are not at home to see and chase them away, the neighbours are!

Boost Curb Appeal

Going back to the aesthetic functions of lighting installed outdoors, here’s one more reason to perform such a DIY home improvement project as soon as possible: with light, you can put accents on what you most love about your exterior.

Don’t hesitate to showcase everything you want to put on display to make your home look prettier and more welcoming.

For instance, you can emphasise your welcoming and newly purchased garden set of furniture. Or, on the contrary – you can hide in the dark things you don’t want to put on display (valuable items, a motorcycle left with no garage space yet and many others).

Types of Outdoor Security Lighting

If you are already confident about how important lighting in the outdoors is, you might be wondering where to buy some decent items to provide it. Note that there are many outdoor security lighting types you can count on.

Here are some of them to consider before making a final selection and purchase:

  • Motion sensors. If someone passes your garden, the lighting system will turn on. This means a signal for danger. You will take the safety measures in advance, but in most cases, the criminals run away immediately after activating the system;
  • Track lighting. Fitted onto tracks, these lighting systems can help you move around with no effort. Besides, they are superb for the walkways;
  • Automatic timer lighting systems. How about having the lights on at sunset? This is possible through the latest timer-related lighting systems for the outdoors;
  • Solar lights. These are amazing for all eco-friendly green economy and lifestyle lovers. They don’t just protect your property but your budget and nature, too;
  • Floodlights. Getting an alarm signal in case of a flooding risk is a great chance to escape as early as possible;
  • Soffit lighting system. Also known as a recessed lighting system, it can be a great bargain deal to emphasise on your property’s porch or roof.


Don’t hesitate to make your property more welcoming, beautiful on the outside and mainly – secured enough – with a proper lighting system.

Don’t neglect your exterior; make its design as perfect and functional as the interior design. If you have problems selecting the best lighting option for your outdoor living space, our honest piece of advice to you is to consult with specialists.

They will instruct you depending on your budget, needs and property parameters.

Besides, sometimes they even offer a free-of-charge installation included in the final price. What’s left for you is only to figure out that your outdoor area needs some lighting right away!