Did you know that having an unorganized and messy store can impact your success as a business owner? 

People are less likely to make purchases if they can’t find what they’re looking for or encounter messes. 

If you want your store to look clean and professional, you should invest in gridwall panels. 

Keep reading to discover some of the best ways to use gridwall panels in your store and increase sales! 

Organize Seasonal Merchandise

One of the best uses for gridwall panels is to organize seasonal or temporary merchandise. 

You can arrange hooks and shelves on gridwalls quickly, making it a sensible choice for ever-changing products. Displaying merch on these panels is recommended since they are adaptable and can hold items such as furniture, decor, and even snacks. 

The best part about these panels is that they are easy to customize and you don’t need the training to figure it out! 

Display Clothes

Many clothing stores fill the floors with all types of racks, but the best way you can use your space is by utilizing the walls.

Gridwall panels are great for stores that sell clothing of all shapes and sizes. You can hang large hooks from the panels that will be durable enough to hold many hangers. Hanging clothes on the gridwalls can improve your sales since it puts the best styles on display and shows how many options you offer. 

Control Traffic

If your store gets congested in areas, you can better control traffic with gridwall panels. 

Learning how to use gridwall panels like this can transform your space. You can develop an efficient way to walk through the store and view products by hanging items on the walls. Free-standing gridwalls can also get added to the store to offer customers items to view while standing in line. 

TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Michael’s Craft Store are great examples of using these walls to control traffic. They use the panels to create organized lines and flow throughout the store. 

Place Items Outdoors

Whether you are in a mall or outdoors, many stores put items on display outside the entrance. 

Free-standing gridwall panels are easy to move around and won’t give you a problem going outside. They are durable and strong, making them a great choice on windy days. Make sure that whatever merchandise you place on these panels outside the entrance is secure. 

Large and heavy objects are great for outdoor displays, just be sure to follow the weight restrictions.

Let Gridwall Panels Help Your Store 

Learning about the uses of gridwall panels can help you market and display products more effectively. 

Whether you sell clothing, food, or decorations, gridwalls can display your items. They are easy to customize, making organization easier than ever in the store. Since people are less likely to make purchases at messy stores, try using these panels to show your variety and control the flow of traffic. 

If you want to learn more about managing a store and displaying merchandise, check out our blog for the latest info!