Last year alone, there were 3 million unwanted pregnancies. But pregnancy should be preventable! Unfortunately, not only are the usual types of contraception inconvenient and expensive, they aren’t 100% effective. Luckily, the tubal ligation procedure nearly is.

If you are ready to ditch your birth control regimen and still protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies, continue reading below.

What is a Tubal Ligation Procedure?

Tubal Ligation is a sterilization procedure. Most commonly, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia. 

While you are under, the surgeon makes small incisions in your belly and uses a laparoscope (a small, light-up surgical tool) to find your fallopian tubes. Once located, the fallopian tubes are cut or blocked. 

The whole procedure takes only about 20-30 minutes, and you will recover in a couple of days.

What are the Benefits of having a Tubal Ligation Procedure?

Sterilization sounds scary, but there are a whole host of benefits to the tubal ligation procedure, making it well worth the time.


Sterilization is one of the best contraceptives out there. It is more effective than any other form of birth control, at about 99% effective. The protection from pregnancy offered by tubal ligation works 24/7 for the rest of your life, no matter if you forget about it or not.


Unlike some types of contraception, the pill, for example, sterilization, doesn’t require trips to the pharmacy. You won’t have to set a birth control alarm on your phone. Unlike a diaphragm or IUD, you don’t have to have something in you to be protected. 

Improved Sex Life

Nobody likes condoms; they reduce pleasure for both parties. With a tubal ligation procedure, you won’t have to pause mid-session to put something on or replace something that breaks. Instead, you can focus on the moment.

No Hormone Changes

One of the biggest complaints about birth control pills or hormonal IUDs is the noticeable changes in hormones. Because the tubal ligation procedure only manipulates the fallopian tubes while leaving the ovaries intact, your hormones will be left completely unchanged and normal. This will improve your overall mental and physical health.

Decreased Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer in women. Ovarian cancer often develops in the fallopian tubes. If you have disrupted fallopian tubes, cancer won’t develop as well, and you are more protected from ovarian cancer.

It’s Reversible 

The best part about tubal ligation is it’s reversible. You can enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of this form of birth control, and when and if you decide to have children, the reversal procedure is as easy as the ligation. Linked here is more information regarding tubal ligation reversal.

Is Tubal Ligation for You?

The tubal ligation procedure is relatively painless, and you will likely recover in a few days. Once sterilized, you will have control over your body with this very effective, convenient, and pleasurable form of birth control. 

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