The sports world remained shocked and speechless on Saturday night as the Euro 2020 game between Denmark and Finland was suspended before halftime due to a medical emergency. Danish star Christian Eriksen collapsed in Finland’s halftime minutes before the break when a touch was addressed to him. Eriksen did not move as players and fans alike seemed visibly worried about the nature of the incident. So what happened to Christian Eriksen and here is the latest update on Christian Eriksen’s health.

What happened to Christian Eriksen and why did he collapse?

What happened to Christian Eriksen?

The Euro 2020 game between Denmark and Finland was suspended minutes before half-time when the players signaled the medical team to come onto the pitch to take care of Christian Eriksen. After receiving medical treatment on the pitch for more than 10 minutes, the Danish midfielder was stretched out of the field. TV footage showed Danish players in tears as medical staff attempted to resuscitate the Inter Milan player by administering CPR. Due to the severity of Eriksen’s health issues, several social media posts showing her fall have been removed. The Danish players were so worried that they formed a circle around the unconscious Eriksen and began to pray for him as medics worked to revive him.

Why did Christian Eriksen collapse?

Christian Eriksen collapsed in the 43rd minute in Denmark’s Euro 2021 opener with Finland.

The shocking scenes occurred towards the end of the first half of the teams’ opening game.

It’s unclear what caused Eriksen’s random collapse.

His distraught teammates formed a circle around the Inter Milan ace, some in tears.

Christian Eriksen collapsed in the 43rd minute of the Euro opener against Finland

UEFA have announced that the Group B game has been suspended due to a “medical emergency”.

Wife of midfielder Sabrina Kvist Jensen was seen in tears and consoled by Danish players after rushing onto the pitch.

But later Eriksen woke up and personally asked the teams to continue. Finland lost 1-0.

Latest update on Christian Eriksen’s health

It’s fair to say that the football world is concerned for Christian Eriksen’s safety. However, due to the concern, several rumors have also circulated. Since Eriksen suffered chest compressions, some fans were also concerned that the Danish midfielder had suffered a heart attack. While there is no update on what happened to UEFA’s Christian Eriksen, they released a message on their official catches to let fans know the Danish talisman has been transferred to hospital and was stable. Likewise, the Danish FA has confirmed that Christian Eriksen is conscious and is currently undergoing further examination in hospital. Meanwhile, the great Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano reported that Eriksen was conscious and could also speak.

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Denmark midfielder’s wife consoled by Eriksen’s teammates on the pitch

Christian Eriksen’s wife, Sabrina Kvist Jensen, rushed to the sidelines, visibly concerned for her husband’s health. Sabrina was consoled by Danish players Simon Kjaer and Kasper Schmeichel. The latest news regarding the Denmark-Finland Euro 2020 game is that the Group B opener has been suspended as the football world unites in support of Christian Eriksen.