When it comes to any digital marketing agency or a marketer, their main aim would be to increase engagement as well as traffic to your blog or website. This could be achieved in so many different ways like SEO, PPC, and others. However, one tactic that could help you gain easy engagement would be through referral traffic, and how? Here is a guide that would give you knowledge on what referral traffic is and how you can increase it efficiently. 

What Exactly Is Referral Traffic? 

Visitors who visit your website from other sites rather than the major search engines are termed as referral traffic. When a user clicks on a link from another site or through social media, Google Analytics would term that as referral traffic where the original site is termed as the referrer. With referral traffic, you get potential clients who would be interested in the products and the services that you have to offer. 

These are qualified visitors and the sites from which the links are available help you showcase your content to different people who are new and might not have come across your site before. The referral helps you turn them into leads which ultimately results in a new customer or user. Referral traffic also offers some great SEO benefits. Links that are offered by trusted websites are considered to be positive ranking factors. 

Does referral traffic sound interesting now? Figuring out how you can buy referral traffic and increase the number of leads to your website? Here are some practices that will help you generate better leads.

Use Online Directories For Publishing Your Website

One of the most viable ways of getting referral traffic would be by publishing your website on different online directories. However, any online directory would not do, you have to find the ones which are relevant to your field and industry and will result in more traffic. There are tools that you could use to find top online directories based on cities and other major categories. 

The moment you search with a keyword, the top 4 or 5 online directories that appear on the search result are the relevant ones. 

Publish Your Website On Review Websites 

This is another practice that would help you generate good-quality leads. Through review websites, the consumers already get an idea about the brand and what they should expect, and as a seller, you get to know about the buyer’s journey too. With review websites, you get to gain a competitive age in today’s market; however, it completely depends on whether you are a B2B or a B2C business. 

B2B businesses do face some difficulties while trying to get featured on different review websites but when you post on reputable review websites, you are already gaining the trust of the leads. 

Try Out Guest Blog Posts

Guest blog posts are known to generate huge referral traffic. In most blogs, you would find an author bio, call-to-action as well as external links, which will help you get known among the users. Guest posts should be done through websites that have a reputation in the market and are considered industry leaders. But remember, the site where you would be posting guest blogs should be relevant to your industry, you do not want to promote interior services on a kid’s online shopping store. 

Be aware of who your target audience is because posts that are relevant and answer the queries of the users get more leads. You should also link your guest blog to different influencers and hosts who might help you promote your website which would, in turn, increase referral traffic.

Make Use Of Social Media 

Social media is an indispensable part of referral traffic and for any kind of digital marketing. According to experts, social media is known to generate more leads and give better exposure than any other platform. Use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and others to get more sales, traffic as well as leads. Every time you post any content, post any video or image, and attach a link, you are generating leads for your site. And, it helps with Search Engine Optimization too.

Participate Actively On Different Industry Forums 

Online forums are a great way to add potential leads without sounding way too promotional. You need to search for forums that serve your niche. Above all, make sure the forum where you wish to interact is an active one, you do not want to waste your time and effort on a forum where there have been no posts for months. 

Use your brand name while registering so that users know who is commenting and get accustomed to your brand, and offer advice in the form of real-life experience. 

Remember, visuals are important when you are trying to increase website engagement. Wrapping up, these are some of the practices that will surely help you increase your website’s referral traffic.