Analysing stock market data is key to making successful investments with decent returns. Different methods of stock market analysis like fundamental (based on market value) and technical (based on price chart patterns) analysis are used by investors to pick the right stocks and build a portfolio.

Techno funda analysis combines fundamental and technical analysis, thus making it a powerful tool for an investor. But what exactly is techno funda analysis and why should you learn it? Let us delve into the concept.

What is Techno Funda Analysis?

Techno funda or techno fundamental analysis is a modern form of stock market analysis that involves looking at a stock’s market value (fundamentals) and then observing (technical) patterns in it. An alternate way is to analyse the chart patterns first and then study the fundamentals of chosen stocks.

By combining the pros of both fundamental and technical, Techno Funda analysis provides a clearer view of the stock’s future to the investor. Thus, it helps you make more profitable and less risky investment decisions. Let us discuss the aspects of techno funda analysis that you should know.

Why Take Techno Funda Analysis Course?

Online learning platforms like Upsurge provide the opportunity to learn the application of techno funda analysis. Here are 5 reasons why you can consider taking a techno funda analysis course.

  1. Conceptual Understanding

You can’t become an expert investor without having a deep conceptual understanding. Techno funda analysis combines two complex arms of stock market data analysis. Hence, a course would help you understand all three branches and develop your way of performing techno funda analysis.

  1. Screening Stocks

The stock market in India has about 7500 listed stocks from over 50 industries. How do you analyse all of them? You must know how to screen the data based on stocks that can perform better than the markets in years to come. Taking a course would enable you to identify potential breakouts and potential investments.

  1. Market Cycles and Technical Screening

Understanding market direction and cycles are essential in techno funda analysis. It helps you gain the acumen of applying various metrics that can sway the direction of the market. The next step is understanding different technical chart patterns and screening the stocks based on technical parameters. 

  1. Sectoral and Fundamental Understanding

Apart from understanding technical aspects, you must have a clear understanding of various sectors in the stock market. Fundamental analysis involves dissecting the sectoral trends so you can relate them to the entire stock market to uncover a pattern. 

  1. Common Sense and Outlook 

The biggest mistake investors make is to stick to numbers without considering real-world scenarios. Investors must know how to use common sense while using technical and fundamental analysis. Maintaining a bullish market outlook is also essential for techno funda analysis. 


Techno funda is a modern technique of stock market data analysis that combines both technical and fundamental overviews of stocks. Taking a techno funda analysis course can help you make better investment decisions. Online learning platform Upsurge provides a detailed course called ‘Learn Techno Funda Analysis’ at a nominal fee. So what are you waiting for? Enroll today!