In the realm of online gaming, where digital entertainment and mobile apps are driving continuous growth, the question arises: where does one find a reliable iGaming payments solution provider? Traditional banks, unfortunately, do not provide a viable solution. Fortunately, businesses specializing in credit card processing like could be the perfect match for your needs. Online gaming and gambling industries are subject to specific rules and policies, with some states outright prohibiting these activities. It is one of the primary reasons why the online gaming industry is labeled as high risk.

The Quirks of Online Gaming Payment Gateways 

A slight downside associated with utilizing an online iGaming payments gateway is the cost factor. As a consequence, processing fees and competitive rates often lean towards the higher end compared to what traditional banks offer. On the flip side of this coin, conventional banks do not undertake the underwriting of these accounts. Therefore, your best bet is to seek out a payment gateway through a high-risk provider. Their dedicated customer service representatives can guide you through the integration of the necessary technology for seamless online store transactions.

The Issue of Chargebacks in the Gaming World

One prevalent issue in the realm of gaming merchant accounts is chargebacks. This risk becomes particularly pronounced when individuals experience losses in their bets and seek reimbursement. In essence, a chargeback occurs when a customer contests a charge on their debit or credit card, asserting that they did not authorize the purchase or claiming that they did not receive the product or service they paid for. 

Various reasons may be cited as grounds for requesting a chargeback. They may say that the charge is unfamiliar to them, or that the item they purchased never reached them. Alternatively, some may argue that the product failed to meet their expectations or was defective in some way.

Regardless of the specific circumstances leading to a chargeback, the repercussions can be significant for an online gaming merchant. This financial hiccup, triggered by a customer dispute, leaves a big mark on your financial record. The disputed funds are, in essence, held hostage within your bank account, rendering them off-limits until a resolution is reached. During this period, the bank steps into the role of judge and jury.

If the customer’s argument prove to be compelling and their case successful, it’s crucial to understand that the funds will not only remain inaccessible but will, in fact, be reversed or “charged back” to the customer. This outcome can present a substantial financial setback for the gaming merchant. In light of this, it becomes imperative for online gaming platforms to take proactive steps to prevent chargebacks. One vital aspect is the ability to dispute the customer’s claims effectively. By providing compelling evidence that the charge was, in fact, authorized, merchants can secure the release of the funds back into their account. 

Navigating the Waters of Online Gaming Credit Card Processing

The paramount reason to secure a high-risk credit card processing account for your online gaming business is to safeguard against the unsettling possibility of your merchant account being abruptly terminated. Banks possess the authority to shut down your account and seize your funds, often without prior notice. This abrupt action can have dire consequences, effectively bringing your ability to sell products or services to a screeching halt, thereby disrupting your cash flow. Moreover, the proceeds generated from the sale of your products or services may find themselves in the custody of the bank for an extended period, stretching into months.

Establishing a solid foundation with the right merchant account significantly enhances the account’s stability. It’s important to note that the bank’s involvement doesn’t cease once the account is established. Instead, continuous risk monitoring remains an integral part of the equation, applicable to all low-risk merchant accounts. This diligence shines a light on the intricate nature of the financial landscape in which online gaming businesses operate.

Securing High Risk Payment Processing for Online Gaming Merchants

It must be abundantly clear by now that securing reliable high payment processing solutions for online gaming businesses can be a challenging endeavor. It’s a well-established fact that the industry has often been plagued by a reputation for housing fraudulent operations, a perception shared by many traditional banks. Adding to the complexity are the high-risk factors that underwriters scrutinize when evaluating your application.

In truth, conventional banks are hesitant to embrace the inherent risks associated with offering merchant accounts to the online gaming industry as a whole. This is due to the increased financial liability that payment processors assume in these scenarios. So, they exercise great caution in assessing whether the merchant itself is engaging in unnecessary risk-taking. In such cases, solution providers for  iGaming payments like can prove to be helpful, offering gaming enterprises just what they need to operate efficiently.