Why Modern Traders Love Multiple Monitor Setups

Trading is highly unpredictable. As it involves obtaining information while making quick decisions. Having access to information on trends and technical analysis of different markets helps traders make better and informed choices. It helps to increase their profit margins. And as we all know, money makes the world go round. Also, you need a multiple setup for trading. Preferably a 6 monitor setup, which you can easily get from tradingcomputers.com.

But why exactly do most traders love a 6 monitor setup? Does it work in their favor? Different traders have different reasons for preferring to use multiple monitor setups. We searched far and wide to shed a little light on the trading industry. And this article will let you in on the why.

Markets Are Highly Unpredictable

In the trading industry, trends and information on market analysis change very rapidly when trading in different markets. Since information readily available is worth more than the same information a few seconds later. So, when it comes to trading, having a multiple-screen setup is effective. Having multiple displays enables traders to get information quickly, which they can use to make informed investment decisions. This setup is particularly essential if a trader keeps tabs on more than one market or country with different timeframes.

The Type of Trading Engaged In

There are different types of traders. For example, swing or position traders may not require multiple screen setups. They have the luxury of days or even months to make decisions. On the other side, day trading and scalping, which are fast-paced trading styles, only have limited windows for market analysis. Therefore, They require a 6 monitor setup to have timely access to information. This is before making fast decisions as the market is very volatile.

To Keep Tabs on Different Markets

In the trade industry, some markets correlate with each other. Therefore, a change in one market could significantly impact another. However, some traders like to keep an eye on other markets. It can give them clues as to possibilities that could happen in the markets they are trading. And since the correlation could either be positive or negative. So, it wouldn’t hurt to have a head start in avoiding potential losses. It will also be helpful at achieving significant profit margins.

Other traders usually invest in more than one market continuously. Therefore, keeping technical charts of various markets helps them discover new trade setups. 

To Keep Track of Order Flows

Traders like scalpers and day traders use order flows. This is to determine the buying and selling pressure in the markets. As, they are watching to predict the next direction of prices. It shows the market’s depth of supply and demand. Also, they can thus make calculated and profitable decisions. Order flows are used together with technical analysis strategies to find the best entry and exit levels. It makes them decide the type of order to place in the market. Having a 6 monitor setup is ideal for keeping track of the market depth in order to make profitable order flows.

To Get the Technical Charts of Different Timeframes

In trading, phrases like “trade with the trend” are rampant, but is it feasible? Some market trends last longer than others and have different profit margins. And to make money in all the markets consistently, traders need to track and identify underlying trends and trade accordingly. Having a 6 monitor setup makes it easier for traders to watch what is happening in other time frames when they are trading. Some of the timeframes used include primary, intermediate, and short-term. And whether you are a seasoned trader or not, you need to be witty when allocating time frames to different markets. As most of them exist in several time frames simultaneously.

Proper market analysis should be carried out before assigning the primary timeframes to some of the markets available before investing your hard-earned money. If you are a beginner, however, you should work with fewer markets to minimize potential losses

To Access Information about Markets Like Sentiment Indexes

Analysis of sentiment indexes helps traders know the exact number of traders. Those who have taken a particular standing in securities like stocks, options, and futures. Therefore, they act as contrarian indicators to enable traders to predict price reversals in specific markets. And what better way to keep ahead of the curve than with a 6 monitor setup.


The more space you have on the trading floor, the more powerful you are considered. Therefore, the more massive your screen setup is, the more critical you are deemed. Senior traders can have up to 9 screens running simultaneously, while junior traders use 3 or 4 screens simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

If you are a big name on Wall Street or even have your day trading setup at home, timing is vital when it comes to trading. Well, timing and the proper setup to keep up with the ever-changing market. With a 6 monitor setup, traders can easily keep track of information about different markets. They can keep up with the current trends, and make more money. Remember to start small, that is, one monitor, before upgrading to multiple screen setups.  As you slowly but surely build up your trading skills. Good luck with your trading venture.