Yvonne Mae Hebert Adams will be remembered as a beloved member of the Kaplan community for her loyalty and devotion to family. On March 11, 2023 after an extended illness, she passed away peacefully at home surrounded by family. Her life stood as testimony to both her strength and perseverance both as an amazing mother and cherished community leader.

What impact did Yvonne have on her family and community?

Yvonne had an immeasurable influence on both her family and community. Her unfailing love for her children was well known throughout Kaplan; she provided continuous care and support throughout their lives. Furthermore, Yvonne held great affection for both grandchildren and great-grandchildren whom she cared deeply for. Yvonne maintained her vital connections by nurturing friendships over the years.

What are my funeral arrangements for Yvonne?

She enjoyed life to its fullest thanks to Vanessa, Annette and Boyd as her four children; additionally her eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren brought great happiness into her life.

Who will serve as pallbearers for Yvonne?

Pallbearers at Yvonne’s funeral will be Corey Adams (probably close to her), Boyd Adams (probably also close to her), Brandon Mills, Adam Baudoin Norman Baudoin and Patrick Lemaire. They will be carrying her to the final resting place as a symbol of their love and respect for Yvonne.

What were Yvonne’s greatest joys in life?

Yvonne was most happy when she was with her family. Her four children, Vanessa Annette Corey and Boyd were her life. She was also incredibly happy because of her eight grandchildren and four a great-grandchildren. Yvonne was a mother, grandmother and a great-grandmother. This role played a major part in her identity and legacy.

Who preceded Yvonne at Death?

Yvonne’s husband Sheldon Adams and son Jason Adams were preceded in death, as well as her parents Avnair Bertrand and Theoza Hebert. The loss of her family members played a significant role in Yvonne’s story, and she was able to maintain her strength despite personal tragedy.

What are the visiting hours for Yvonne?

Visitation hours are set for Yvonne’s funeral at Vincent Funeral Home – Kaplan, located at 300 N. Eleazar Ave., on Monday, March 13. From 4:00 to 8:00 PM, the family will receive friends and loved-ones, followed by a Rosary prayer at 7:00 PM. Visitation hours will be held on Tuesday, March 14, from 8AM to 1:00PM.

How can loved ones memorialize Yvonne?

Individuals are encouraged to plant Memorial Trees as a way to honor Yvonne. This gesture honors Yvonne and her life, while also contributing to the beauty of the environment.

What legacy does Yvonne leave behind?

Yvonne has left behind a legacy of love and resilience. She also leaves behind a legacy of faith. Her dedication to her family, her unfailing support of the children she raised as parents, and active participation in church and local community services are all testaments to who she was. She will be forever remembered as a person who faced obstacles with poise and cherished every moment with loved ones.

Yvonne Mae Hebert Adams is a story of love, faith, and dedication. As her family and friends prepare to say their final farewells, they reflect back on an abundant life filled with moments of happiness, resilience and unconditional love that Yvonne left behind her for future generations to experience. Her legacy will live on in them.