Size matters, so here’s a shocking statistic: 80 to 90% of women are wearing the wrong size bra!

No matter how accurate you think you are, chances are you’re wearing the wrong size, too. If your bra tends to spill, pinch, pull, or gape, you’re most definitely due for a new one. 

What’s the best way to find your correct bra size? Visit an expert for a proper bra fitting.

Still not convinced the right bra can change your life? Check out these four reasons to get a professional bra fitting!

1. Bad Bras Cause Pain

If you’ve ever tried to wear a lousy bra for a day, you know the pain and annoyance it causes. Ill-fitting bras lead to shoulder indents, back pain, neck pain, and breast chafing. Cheap underwire bras can even cause scarring under the breast. 

A poorly fitted bra can also damage your mental health and relationship with your body. Research has shown that women who wear ill-fitting bras are more likely to seek breast reduction surgery and vice versa.

Before you go under the knife, go to your local bra boutique! Every woman knows that buying a bra can be expensive, but bras are significantly cheaper than surgery.

2. Bodies and Breasts Change Constantly

Yes, constantly. Women are keenly aware of how our bodies change month-to-month from our menstrual cycle, especially our breasts. Here’s an idea: your bra may also need to change throughout the month. 

Most women experience breast soreness and enlargement the week before and during our period. Some women may even go up a cup size during this time. To avoid more tenderness and discomfort, wearing the right bra is crucial during menstruation.

It’s a good idea to have a new bra fitting once yearly or every six months if you can. Have a new bra fitting whenever your body goes through a major change such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, weight loss, or weight gain. 

Contrary to popular belief, bras are not as adjustable as they seem. The hooks and straps of your bra are not meant to be adjusted frequently; they are supposed to be tightened as the bra loses elasticity over time. You shouldn’t need to adjust a well-fitted bra should for many wears. 

3. Breast Shape Matters

Most at-home sizing guides don’t consider breast shape for bra measurement. These guides may work well for women with round, firm, and high-set breasts, but most women do not fit this image. 

If you have relatively thin, soft breast tissue, your breasts will likely sit lower on your chest. Many women have naturally soft breasts, but breasts are even more likely to sit low after breastfeeding or significant weight loss. If you have low breasts, you may feel like an entirely different size when a bra pulls them up!

Professional bra fitters are familiar with multiple breast sizes, shapes, and densities. Your fitter can help you find the perfect bra size for your specific breast and body type. 

4. Bra Fitting Boosts Confidence

Do you often struggle to find flattering outfits? Do you worry about hiding spillage, gaps, or back rolls under clothing?

It’s not your body; it’s your bra! Your bra can make or break your outfit. When you look great, you feel great, so finding the right bra size is crucial to building self-confidence.

A bra fitting can make you look and feel ten pounds lighter. The right bra lifts your breasts away from your ribs, showcasing the narrowest part of your body. A good bra will also encourage good posture and deep breathing!

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Your Breasts Deserve the Best

A perfectly fitted bra is essential in every woman’s wardrobe. It can be hard to measure yourself at home correctly, so visiting the experts is well worth it. Treat yourself to a date with lunch, iced coffee, and a professional bra fitting!

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