Did you know that about one-third of adults drink wine on a regular basis? Wine is a drink that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with food for a delicious meal that you can enjoy in a nice restaurant or at home.

Have you ever wanted to keep wine fresh for longer, but you do not know how? Here are some wine freshness tips so that you can enjoy your wine for longer and still have a good glass.

1. Store Wine in a Cool, Dark Area

Wine storage is an incredibly important part of any wine preservation system. Although it may seem like a good idea to pop an open bottle in the fridge because of the lower temperature, the wine will still be exposed to light whenever you open the fridge.

A special wine fridge will stay dark and allow your wine to last longer. It is one of the best wine accessories that you can keep in your storage area or wine cellar.

2. Re-Cork Your Bottles

When you re-cork your bottles, it will limit the amount of oxygen that your wine is exposed to, which prevents it from spoiling. Depending on the wine company, you may have to put in more work to re-cork the bottle.

Remember, always insert the cork back the same way that it came out of the bottle to avoid germ exposure.

3. Buy Smaller Bottles

Although it may seem tempting to buy a large bottle of wine, it may cause it to spoil faster. There is no guarantee that any wine you buy will stay fresh after opening, so if you have a wine you love, it may be better to purchase it in smaller bottles.

Many brands make miniature bottles of their popular wines, which equal out to a glass or two when they are poured out completely. You can also split the wine into different glass botles before you store them in a cool, dark place. This method reduces the amount of oxygenation your wine is exposed to so it will stay fresh for longer.

4. Different Storage for Different Wines

The wine preservation timeline varies for red and white wines. For instance, red wines are generally good for up to three to five days when kept in an ideal environment.

If you like to enjoy white wine during your wine tasting, it can stay fresh for a longer period of time, sometimes up to five days or longer.

Keep Wine Fresh

If you love wine and want to preserve it, you should not have to worry about vindulge wine food travel lifestyle blog the next time you open a bottle. With these storage tips, you can keep wine fresh and enjoy a bottle over a longer period of time.

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