Watches for women have evolved tremendously. These watches have grown from being strictly functional timepieces worn on the wrist to becoming stylish ornaments. With a classic, old-school watch, you could supercharge your attitude and make your personality speak loudly about the person you are. Despite the ambiguous description, some watches for women are created to make a style statement, while others serve other objectives.

We usually express our personalities and belief systems through the accessories we choose. The vast majority of timepieces coveted by connoisseurs and enthusiasts are created by watchmakers that specialize in the industry exclusively (or at least primarily) and have done so for many years. In the end, it is up to the requirements of the customers. Here are a few preferred watches for women that you can check out.

Silver Dial Stainless Steel

This classic and evergreen design comes with rose gold straps made of stainless steel. The round-shaped dial is protected with mineral glass, and this particular piece comes with 3 ATM water resistance and a three-piece sliding clasp locking mechanism. It has an analogue with a date function, and the movement is quartz. This distinctive colour of the watch is both enthralling and timeless. This iconic timepiece is one of those designs that simply never goes out of style ad is an excellent option in watches for women.

Memento Blue Dial

This timepiece has a very compact and minimalistic design with a modern feel. It has intriguing elements that make it ideal for combining with any attire. These watches for women can also be engraved if you want to gift them for special occasions. It is a quartz movement watch with a round blue dial and blue leather straps. It has a 5 ATM water resistance and buckles lock mechanism with mineral glass on the dial. The case is also made of metal which ensures more extended durability.

Mother of Pearl Dial with Two-Toned Strap


Two-toned timepieces are frequently seen as the epitome of luxury since they offer compatibility with many outfits and hold design adaptability within their structure. The mother-of-pearl dial watch is held in place by a dual-tone stainless steel band intended to catch attention and awe onlookers. In addition, the stainless-steel case that houses the quartz movement is a unifying element for this particular item. When it comes to old-school yet chic and classic, this is one of those watches for women that is a great option.

White Ceramic and Steel Watch

While many would agree that this looks very modern, it is a preferred choice for many who prefer an amalgamation of the old and the new. The Xylys series was developed with high achievers and offered a fine blend of both. This piece, specifically from this collection, features elegant chain straps made of stainless steel and ceramic. In addition, the colour palette of this particular watch piece exhibits a balance of light tones and sparkling stones while preserving the straightforward analogue style with its quartz movement. These stylish watches for women are the ideal gift you can offer yourself if you enjoy luxury and draw inspiration from intertwined elements.

Everyone in today’s world owns one old-school watch in their collection. We all understand that stylish watches for women may significantly enhance our personalities and watch collectors will attest to this! Everyone desires to appear and look their best irrespective of where they are going. In addition, everybody has a unique sense of fashion and preference, which accounts for the wide range of personas. As a result, trends and designs in old-school watches can continually change over time. However, some styles stand the test of time and are appropriate for all eras, especially for old-school models!

Purchasing watches for women online might be stressful because there is a danger of being inundated with options and getting low-quality goods. But when it comes to watches, reputable businesses like Titan are famous for their outstanding value and dedication to quality! So, if you are seeking stylish watches for women that are both contemporary and priced, you know where to go!